Cloud Group Sydney Upgrades Their Strata Cleaning Service Capabilities

Clean Group, Sydney’s leading commercial & strata cleaning company, plans to boost its strata cleaning services by increasing the staff capacity and upgrading the cleaner training modules in a bid to cater to the increasing demand for sophisticated strata cleaning. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and because property owners are getting more aware about keeping their premises and tenants safe, the demand for expert strata cleaners is increasing.

Clean Group is one of the oldest and most experienced cleaning companies providing all types of commercial cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They already have a team of experienced & trained cleaners who provide services to commercial properties on behalf of the company. They mostly cater to the routine cleaning needs of big buildings like residential apartments, office buildings, malls, and others. For this, they have the resources, experience and team required to do a good job. However, with the increase in demand, Clean Group is now getting more cleaning requests than ever and plans to expand its team to increase more strata cleaners.

Strata Cleaning

Ever since the world has been hit by COVID-19, authorities around the country have implemented lockdowns and have been asking their residents to take proper safety precautions and avoid going out without a good reason. One of the precautions to follow to stay safe from the virus is to keep the residential properties clean and properly managed. Since people are mostly confined to their homes/offices all day long, the need for cleaning is even more now than ever. This is one of the major reasons why the demand for strata cleaning in Sydney and other major cities in Australia has significantly increased in the past months.

While the cleaning of single home units can be done by regular, in-house cleaners, the same is not possible for large, strata properties. When it comes to strata cleaning, it’s always a good idea to only trust an expert strata cleaner or company that has both the experience and resources for the job. They can also provide safe cleaning services in line with the recommendations provided by health officials.

Companies like Clean Group are doing their best to meet the increasing demand by providing efficient and quality services to local businesses, including residential property owners. Their cleaners use advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly solutions for safe & efficient cleaning results. Having a huge experience in strata cleaning, they know exactly which areas are the most prone to catching viruses and bacteria. For instance, they will clean and disinfect all the common areas, restrooms, facilities, etc. as well as hard-to-reach areas like corners, ceiling fans, moldings, etc. to limit the spread of the infection in a property.

Clean Group cleaners can perform the complete cleaning and disinfection of a strata property, of any size or type. They will first perform regular cleaning, including dusting, washing and cleaning of all the places, floors, windows, common area furniture, lift, staircase, toilets, bins, etc. Once the cleaning part is done, they will disinfect frequently-touched surfaces & areas, such as doorknobs & handles, handrails, light boards, lift buttons, toilet seats, and others.

Besides planning to hire more cleaners to add to their team, Clean Group is also focusing on upgrading their training programs and including more safety-oriented and effective cleaning techniques. They have recently launched a proprietary disinfection technology called the Defense Shield, where the Zoono-71 sanitiser solution is used to kill the viruses and germs on a surface. The sanitiser, combined with the company’s Electrostatic Sprayer application technology, can kill up to 99.99% of germs. They use the same technique for the disinfection of strata properties.

According to Suji Siv, Clean Group owner and CEO, “We are getting a lot of queries for COVID-19 cleaning for both commercial and residential strata properties. People are afraid to go to the office/business because of COVID-19, and they want to hire us to clean their business premises. We are taking every precaution to ensure that the cleaning service we provide is up to the mark and takes care of the virus problem completely. For the cleaning of large buildings, residential or commercial, our strata cleaners are provided with the best-in-class tools and solutions to deliver outstanding results to our clients.”

“Besides strata cleaning, we also provide complete commercial cleaning to a variety of business facilities in and around Sydney (, including office cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, shopping centre cleaning, and more. We are in the process of upgrading our services and team for more efficiency,” he added.

Local property owners and strata managers can contact Clean Group for all their strata cleaning needs in Sydney or visit their website ( to request a free on-site quote.


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