Clipper Construction Makes Public Commitment to Sustainability

Clipper Construction, a commercial construction company operating in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland, has announced a public commitment to sustainability. The company has pledged to reduce its environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices throughout its daily operations. Clipper Construction is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste production. The company will also work to create a more sustainable supply chain by sourcing materials from environmentally responsible vendors.

Clipper Construction's commitment to sustainability is part of a larger trend in the construction industry. More and more construction companies are incorporating sustainable practices into their operations in order to reduce their environmental impact. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to both clients and employees. By publicly committing to sustainability, Clipper Construction is positioning itself as a leader in the industry and setting a strong example for other companies to follow.

Commercial Construction Sustainability

Clipper Construction has made a name for itself in the Mid-Atlantic region as a leader in sustainable construction. The company has completed a number of LED retrofit for national brands. In addition, Clipper Construction has a strong record of working with clients to create sustainable buildings.

"We believe that environmental impact, social responsibility, health & safety, and a sustainable procurement process are key elements to being an environmentally conscience company," said Clipper Construction managing partner, Jeff Miller. "We are proud to have made this public commitment to sustainability and we will continue to work hard to reduce our environmental footprint."

Clipper Construction's sustainable practices will benefit both the environment and the company's bottom line. By reducing its resource consumption, the company will save money on operating costs. In addition, Clipper Construction's commitment to sustainability will help it attract and retain clients and employees who are interested in working with a green company.

"Our cofounder, Evan Roberts, is passionate about environmental sustainability and spent his college days earning a degree in environmental sciences," boasts Miller. "Evan has been a key driver in our company's commitment to sustainability."

Clipper Construction's sustainable practices are already making a positive impact. The company has saved thousands in the past year by implementing energy-efficient lighting throughout its clients' offices and warehouse spaces. They are partners in the BGE energy rebate program and have been able to take advantage of utility rebates for their clients. In addition, Clipper Construction has sourced materials from local vendors who implement sustainable practices. This has reduced the company's carbon footprint and helped support other local companies who values align with their own.

"Conserving the environment while protecting the health and safety of the broader community is the social responsibility of any commercial construction company that wants to play a leadership role in the 21st century. The company's sustainable practices will have a positive impact on the environment and help Clipper Construction save money for its clients."

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