Clipper Construction Launches New Website

Baltimore, MD based Clipper Construction is pleased to announce that they have launched their new website. The website gives Clipper Construction’s potential clients easy access to all the information they may need about the company and its services. Visit Clipper Construction online today at the following link:

Clipper Construction is a veteran owned-and-operated company dedicated to providing the community of Baltimore with top-quality commercial construction services. Clipper Construction may not be as large as some of the other companies in the industry, but they state that they absolutely have all of the resources, knowledge and experience needed to compete with larger firms while also providing the transparency and personalized experiences that are expected from boutique firms. Their principals hold more than a decade of experience in the construction industry and have worked with a wide array of clients, including commercial businesses, government offices and nonprofit groups.

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This vast experience has helped them build extensive working relationships with more than 1,200 skilled craftsmen across many industries and trades. They work with general contractors that specialize in the following: construction management, historic restoration, tenant improvements, design-build projects, adaptive reuse projects, mixed use development and industrial renovation. This allows Clipper Construction to put together teams that are made up of only experts and professionals. Their principals have also managed a ton of projects that altogether are worth $40 million, so their community can rest assured that their projects will be in good hands with Clipper Construction. Those interested can learn more at

Clipper Construction is not only skilled and experienced in the commercial construction industry. They are also committed to their clients’ satisfaction. The company believes that all of their clients deserve quality craftsmanship and value engineering on a timely basis. Their team also seeks to build more than transactional relationships with their clients, striving to establish long-lasting partnerships so that they will become their clients’ go-to contractor for all future commercial construction projects. As such, they give their all in any project entrusted to them, regardless of size.

Throughout the entire project, their principals make sure that all important decisions are made on time without sacrificing safety, quality and client satisfaction. However, doing only this is not enough. The company understands that, in order for a project to become successful, all team members involved must properly execute the key decisions made by the principals. They also make use of an incentive system that aligns their team’s incentives to their clients’ goals. As a result, their team of skilled and knowledgeable experts remain motivated and helpful during the entire project process, from inception to completion.

Clipper Construction also lets their clients customize construction services to ensure they get the most suitable services for each individual project. They provide a variety of contracting options, such as project design, real estate selection and construction management.

In addition, Clipper Construction always works with their core values in mind. The first is prioritizing safety over everything else. They believe that the most important thing in every construction project is the safety of their team, subcontractors, site visitors and the neighborhoods in which the projects are being done. They do not compromise on safety, which is why they strictly obey all regulations. They even have their own corporate safety plan to further boost project safety.

Their second core value is listening, planning and executing. Clipper Construction understands that projects go much more smoothly when everyone involved trusts each other. This trust is built through their process that involves intent listening as the first step. They strive to fully understand their clients’ visions so that they can have the best shot of bringing it to life. After listening, Clipper Construction offers their perspective and infuses their knowledge and experience into their clients’ visions. This helps build an understanding that will make the project become more efficient and cost-effective. Their other core values are raising the bar and honoring inherent value. Clipper Corporation is able to provide top-quality commercial construction services thanks in large part to their dedication to these values.

Those looking for skilled and reliable commercial construction contractors in Baltimore may check out Clipper Construction.


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