Clinton Township Roofing Contractor Miller's Home Improvement Is Offering Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Miller's Home Improvement is offering residential and commercial roofing services in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. They have recently published a blog post that helps homeowners in the area decide whether they should paint their asphalt shingle roof.

Painting over an aged asphalt shingle roof is a good way to transform its appearance and texture without doing a complete teardown. However, there are a few caveats that one must keep in mind. First, asphalt is a granular material. This means that its composition is similar to impacted sand. Painting over an old asphalt shingle roof, which has crumbled most of its granules away, will not offer the same seamless, watertight seal that acrylic elastomeric coating brings to metal roofs.

Painting is only effective for a brand-new asphalt shingle roof. However, most homeowners are advised against painting roofing materials because it hides the shingle’s natural aesthetics and dependability. The only positive of painting over roofing materials is that the homeowner will enjoy the added insulation and UV-reflective capabilities that acrylic elastomeric paint can provide.

The Miller's Home Improvement blog post then references an article from American Construction which describes the tested and proven benefits of painting asphalt shingle roofs for added durability and longevity. According to American Construction, shingles serve both a decorative and utilitarian function. Their health is very important in determining whether the house will have a prolonged lifespan of many decades to even centuries, or whether it will last a couple of decades before deteriorating.

The most important function of shingles is protecting against the forces of nature, such as rain or the accumulation of snow. Shingles also keep the roof dry and away from moisture. Moisture is responsible for problems such as molds, mildews, and rusting on the main framework of the house. In extreme cases, the damage from moisture can lead to the roof collapsing. Shingles also offer heat insulation as they are made from materials that can’t easily convect heat. Asphalt shingles insulate well since they reflect out penetrative heat. They also keep ice dams from forming. They do so by retaining a good amount of heat as a barrier against freezing on the main structure of the roof.

The referenced blog post then says that the choice of paint color will influence the insulation of the roof. Lighter colors will deflect excessive heat, while darker colors will absorb heat. The decision will depend on the type of climate that the house is in. Specialized paint can form a protective coating on the shingle against water. This will increase the lifespan of the shingle by protecting it from water deposits that can erode or decompose it.

The Clinton Township roofing contractors are also offering their services in nearby areas of Detroit, Sterling Heights, Saint Clair Shores, Royal Oak, Warren, Dearborn, Macomb, Southfield, Troy, and West Bloomfield. The company offers residential roofing services of all kinds such as roof repairs, roof recovers, complete roof tear-offs and remodels, attic ventilation, and hail damage roof insurance. It also offers commercial roofing services such as EPDM flat roofing, TPO flat roofing, and torch down flat roofing.

Miller's Home Improvement owner Eric Miller talks about the qualities that make Miller’s Home Improvement special by saying, “We realize that every customer and every roof is unique. That is why we give every customer the personalized attention that they deserve. Everything we do meets or exceeds the state of Michigan and city code. We do it all with the highest level of professionalism and deliver results that last a lifetime. Contact us today and book our services to find out why we are the best roofing contractor in Michigan.”

A recent review of the roofing contractor’s services says, “Millers Home Improvement was the right choice. Outstanding workmanship by the crew. Millers was professional and affordable. My flat roof was done in a day very efficiently. Eric Miller is an amazing guy and honest contractor. Would recommend Millers Home Improvement for your roofing needs. Thank you Eric.”


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