Clearwater Man Credits WhiteSands’ Amenities and Activities for Helping Him Achieve Successful Recovery from Addiction

Clearwater, FL - Ronald, a graduate of WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab Plant City, FL, credits his recovery success, in part, to the wide range of amenities offered there. WhiteSands understands the importance of patients being active during treatment and therefore has invested a tremendous amount of time, energy, and dedication into the amenities they offer. Click the link to read his review of the WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Clearwater location.

“I started my treatment at the main campus in Plant City which was a wonderful experience! They had great amenities such as a state of the art gym, pool, and massage therapy,” Ronald stated.

The advantages of staying active and engaged in recovery are many. They include both physical and mental benefits. Patients who incorporate exercise into their recovery can expect to see increased energy and stamina, a boost in self-esteem, decreased depression, anxiety, and stress, improved sleep, improved memory, lower blood pressure, and a general improvement in mood overall.

Understanding that the benefits of exercise in recovery cannot be overstated, WhiteSands has gone above and beyond to provide patients with access to healthy outlets during their time in residential treatment. Some of the amenities WhiteSands patients can take advantage of include a brand new athletics complex and gym, a regulation-sized boxing ring with one-on-one lessons provided by professional boxing trainers, a recreation center with various classes including yoga, personal training by certified fitness coaches, and basketball and volleyball courts. The 10-acre campus also features outdoor walking paths leading to fountains, gazebos, and other outdoor areas designed to be restful and restorative.

Patients at WhiteSands consistently report that having a physical outlet for difficult emotions at the end of a long day of therapy is a huge benefit to their recovery. Learning healthy ways of coping with stress is a cornerstone of successful addiction recovery. Establishing a routine of exercise gives WhiteSands patients an important tool for coping with stress that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Mental and emotional benefits can be achieved with even just 30-minutes of exercise each day. Some activities people in recovery find especially helpful for stabilizing their minds include walking, running, yoga, and yes- even boxing! When people feel stable on a mental level, they can lead their everyday lives with increased clarity and confidence. This is inherently supportive of the overall recovery process and forms part of the comprehensive strategy that has allowed WhiteSands’ to help thousands of people attain lasting sobriety, wellness, and happiness. See more 5 star reviews for WhiteSands by clicking the link.


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