Clean Group Unveils Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Melbourne Services For Large Businesses

Clean Group, a commercial cleaning agency headquartered in Sydney, is proud to announce its new range of comprehensive commercial cleaning services for businesses in Melbourne. The new service is being launched with the aim to help local businesses, especially big corporations and enterprises, maintain a safe and clean work environment for their workers and clients/customers. The service can be levied by all types of commercial entities, including offices, body corporate, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, schools & universities, etc. for all their routine and one-off cleaning needs in Melbourne.

Clean Group is a famous and highly trusted provider of a complete range of commercial cleaning services to businesses across Australia. They have offices, along with dedicated teams of cleaners, in all the major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Through their city offices, they tend to the commercial cleaning needs of all local businesses in the particular city and surrounding suburbs. They already have an office in Melbourne and now they are starting a full-fledged commercial cleaning service intended to help mainly large businesses and strata with their cleaning needs. The same will be managed by a dedicated team of cleaners who have experience in the cleaning and management of large buildings.

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Their cleaners make use of the latest cleaning techniques and equipment and are trained to employ safe & harmless cleaning practices that are both eco-friendly and very efficient. Having an in-house team of 50+ professional cleaners enables Clean Group to cater to the most sophisticated cleaning needs of all types of buildings and commercial places, both large and small.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of the Clean Group, says, “We have invested substantial amounts in acquiring the equipment that the latest technologies afford us. But we do not stop there. We make it a point to see to it that our machinery, as well as the manpower, are upgraded on a regular basis. Our cleaners are certified professionals who take pride in the years of experience behind them. The cleaning products that we use are of premium quality and are friendly towards the environment besides being safe for people. It is a longstanding commitment of ours to provide services that excel in all respects.”

Clean Group’s customer-first approach ensures that their customers always get the best of their service, every time and with every project. Besides this, other things that separate Clean Group from other commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne include their huge experience in the cleaning industry, a vast team of expert cleaners, use of safe & efficient cleaning techniques, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, trained & police-checked cleaners, and satisfaction promise. For commercial cleaning of large buildings and properties, they are the most reliable and highly trusted cleaners in Australia. Their prices are competitive, and they are flexible enough to offer same-day cleaning, after-hours cleaning as well as personalized cleaning services.

As a family-owned and operated commercial cleaning company, Clean Group is managed by Suji Siv (owner) along with his team of highly professional and expert managers, cleaners and marketers. With their headquarter in Sydney, the company currently operates in three major cities of Australia, which include Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They have offices in all three cities with dedicated teams of cleaners. Each of their offices has a separate office manager, project manager and team of cleaners, who have been all trained to do their jobs meticulously and in line with the highest quality standards, as per the company policy. Their cleaners are regularly trained in the latest and most effective cleaning practices and equipped with the best-in-class equipment for the maximum efficiency in work. The Melbourne office of Clean Group handles the cleaning needs of local businesses and commercial facilities in the Melbourne city as well as in all the surrounding suburbs, including Albert Park, Balaclava, Bittern, Auburn, Box Hill, Blackburn, Brighton, and others.

Also, the company is now providing COVID disinfection and sanitising services in all its service locations. The first service is free for their new routine cleaning clients. This is an important service and already being used by hundreds of local businesses who plan to re-open their premises and want to ensure the safety of their customers and staff while doing so. The service can also be levied by all offices and other commercial entities like hospitals, schools, restaurants, malls, churches, etc. looking to maintain a safe and germ-free facility in Melbourne.

Business owners looking for a reliable and all-inclusive commercial cleaning Melbourne service can read the given article or contact Clean Group at 03-8578-4633 or visit their website.


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