Clean Group Sydney Shares Details of COVID Cleaning For Businesses in Their Webinar

Australia’s leading commercial cleaning company Clean Group hosted an online Covid-19 awareness webinar for everyone to make them aware of all the risks, precautions, effective cleaning products, proper Covid-19 cleaning process, and many more important details.

Clean Group Sydney is a professional commercial cleaning company located in Sydney, NSW. The company has been actively providing commercial company services for the last 15+ years to businesses located in and around Sydney. Clean Group is well known for providing quality cleaning services to commercial places including offices, warehouses, restaurants, cafes, gyms, medical facilities, malls, and various other places. However, after the appearance of Covid-19 the company has made various changes in its way of providing cleaning. They have added many new tasks, new dedicated services, new tools, more safety and protection gears, more effective and government-approved chemicals, and also added various awareness campaigns.

Covid cleaning services in Sydney

The recently organized online COVID-19 awareness webinar or program is one of them. This awareness program is specially organized to make people aware of the risks before the third wave hits the country. It is a well-known fact that the third wave of COVID-19 is on its way and this time there are more dangerous variants of COVID-19 to fight against. The program covered various topics including the general information of the virus, how it gets spread, basic prevention measurement, precautions, and how proper hygiene is the best weapon against this virus.

Covid-19 is a disease that is caused by SARS-CoV-2 that gained attention around two years back. Since then the world is locked behind doors. Governments around the world are imposing back-to-back lockdowns, restrictions, releasing guidelines time-to-time, and also launched various training programs to make people aware and to keep their people safe.

Suji Siv, CEO of Clean Group in the awareness program said, "Since its establishment, Clean Group has been making sure that customers get the highest standard of cleaning in their business premise. When Covid surfaced and scientists found that cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is one of many ways to fight against it. We trained our teams, provided them with appropriate supplies, and made sure that our customers get the best protection against this deadly virus. We upgraded our methods, added necessary tasks, and we included some effective tools and products. With these efforts, we were even able to provide cleaning services during the peak period of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We gained experience with all our efforts and cleaning job during this pandemic period and now we are running a campaign to share the knowledge, and experience we have gained."

The company has organized various training programs for their cleaners, so they don’t get contact with the virus, and also for the purpose of customer’s safety. The company also made it mandatory for their cleaners to wear PPE kits while cleaning. It has been observed that the Clean Group is probably the first cleaning company in Sydney that added Covid-19 Certification in their Covid-19 commercial cleaning services. During the online event, the company told that regular cleaning is not enough to keep Covid-19 viruses at bay, a combination of deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting will be more efficient to keep staff and day-to-day operations shielded.

In the same event, Suji Shiv said that at first cleaners should perform the regular cleaning of the complete area and all surfaces, then deep cleaning should be performed. After finishing the cleaning taste, cleaners should use disinfectant to make high-touched surfaces completely virus-free. Sanitizing Spray will do the rest of the job. However, to perform all while keeping the safety intact, professional cleaners are necessary.

There are many benefits of hiring professionals for Covid-19 Cleaning, as explained in the event by Suji Shiv. The major benefit of hiring professionals is that they will have access to all the resources like equipment, tools, quality (cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting) products, methods, and techniques. Additionally, they will also have more trained staff so they can handle everything with no worries. Furthermore, professional cleaners enter the area in PPE and leave it in the same. The risk of spreading through them is very low, thus hiring a professional cleaner is a wise decision for business houses during this pandemic period.

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