Clean Group Sydney Offers Deep COVID-19 Cleaning and Certification for Businesses.

As a leading professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney, Clean Group is on a mission with its thorough COVID cleaning to help businesses resume their daily operations without the fear of COVID-19. In this view, they included Covid-19 certification along with cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing tasks in their Covid cleaning services.

The third wave of COVID-19 is underway and the disease is still affecting lives and businesses around the world. To keep people safe government authorities are trying their best, they are updating their guidelines, launching training programs, and trying everything in their power to make people aware of the risk and precautions. Recently Safe Work Australia (SWA) has issued guidelines for better cleaning and hygiene practices. According to SWA, disinfectant fogging is not the best method for general COVID cleaning.

Covid-19 cleaning Sydney

It has been observed that there are some professional cleaning companies charging a huge amount for conducting disinfection fogging, which is not even a recommended method of cleaning and disinfecting against Covid-19. It is a result of a lack of information and awareness. That’s why choosing an experienced and reputed professional cleaning service provider is a crucial decision.

In some regions, authorities also made Covid-19 certification mandatory for businesses to resume their daily operations. The Covid-19 certification is important because it confirms that the premises have been cleaned by experts covid and are safe to reopen. After receiving SWA guidelines, Clean Group Sydney began using the electrostatic disinfection method for commercial disinfection and sanitation. In this method, an electrostatic spray machine with TGA-approved disinfectant chemicals is used for making high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces completely free from viruses, bacterias, and germs.

Clean Group is one of the first cleaning companies that has included Covid-19 certification in their Covid Cleaning package. The company will provide every business with a Covid cleaning certificate after conducting Covid-19 cleaning and disinfectant services. This step has been taken by the company to help business owners who want to reopen their businesses.

Suji Siv, Founder, and CEO of Clean Group said, ”As a leading professional commercial cleaning company in Australia, we are making sure that businesses located here can safely resume their businesses without any problem with our dedicated Covid-19 cleaning services. Without worrying about the health risk of their staff, visitors, authorities, and day-to-day operations. We have made changes to our process and methods of cleaning to meet the guidelines of government authorities and requirements of our clients.”

He further added that, ”We made Covid-19 certification and checklist as an integral part of our Covid-19 cleaning service. Thus business houses don’t have to wander here and there for certified cleaning. After completing the cleaning task and making sure that everything is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized we will provide a certificate and checklist. This step will definitely help businesses to continue their work during this pandemic period.”

Clean Group is a commercial cleaning company, providing a range of services to customers located in and around Sydney. The list of services includes office4 cleaning, commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, industrial cleaning, and now a comprehensive Covid-19 cleaning.

Covid-19 cleaning includes regular cleaning, deep cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and certification. Clean Group is a well-known cleaning company in Sydney having a dedicated team of trained Covid cleaners. The company has all the tools, machines, other necessary equipment, and quality cleaning and disinfectant products. Whether it is cleaning products or disinfectants, Clean Group uses only government-approved products. All their cleaners are well aware of all the guidelines and they will take all precautions. Additionally, they will also have access to PPE kits and all different types of safety gear.

It has been observed recently that the company is also conducting training for their cleaners as well as other business houses to make all the office staff well aware of all the safety measures and encourage them to follow them. Clean Group has been in business for the last 15+ years and in all these years the company has made sure that each and every customer remains fully satisfied with their work. Even during the pandemic period, they were busy providing services to commercial and healthcare customers.

Clean Group has immense experience, a team of full-time cleaners, all the equipment, and quality products. Thus, as the third wave is on its way, and the government is ready to impose more restrictions, businesses can hire Clean Group for proper Covid-19 cleaning and certification, without any doubt. Call the Clean Group at 1300141946 for more details of COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services.

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