Clean Group Specialises in COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Services in Marrickville

Clean Group, a company based in Marrickville ( ), NSW, Australia, has announced that they specialise in COVID-19 office cleaning services. They have experienced and well-trained infection control cleaners who are capable of cleaning and sanitising the office for COVID-19. They point out that what distinguishes them from similar service providers is there over 20 years of offering cleaning services to office establishments and their more than 50 dependable cleaners. They also cater to more than 100 suburbs in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group, says, “When it comes to your business, your office is the face of your company. You can only make one first impression, so making the right one is imperative to ensuring that your clients see your business as professional and organised. To help you keep your business premises as clean as possible, we provide the highest standard in commercial and office cleaning services customised to your business’s unique needs.”

Office Cleaning Marrickville

He adds, “We use advanced and high-quality cleaning equipment and methods to ensure a healthier, long-lasting cleaning at your place. These include HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning for improving indoor air quality, hospital-grade germicide disinfectant cleaning to remove disease-causing germs, among others.”

One example of the advanced cleaning equipment they use is the I-mop, which is a wash cleaning machine that combines the power of an industrial scrubber machine and the flexibility of a mop. The I-mop can effectively clean sticky floors and those places that are usually difficult to reach.

The office cleaners from Clean Group Marrickville ( ) also use high-quality antibacterial microfiber cloths for cleaning and dusting window sills, furniture, lightboards, and more, to ensure that 99 percent of the bacteria are removed from surfaces. They also utilise certified and advanced cleaning mops made of antibacterial microfiber to put a stop to the growth of bacteria and to efficiently clean floors and surfaces for up to 99 percent of bacteria, germs, and dirt.

Clean Group also ensures that their cleaning materials and methods are not harmful to the environment. As such, they primarily utilise Viraclean, which is an eco-friendly and efficient cleaning solution for commercial establishments and is certified to be capable of killing a wide range of germs and bacteria. It is also capable of destroying a variety of common viruses, such as the herpes simplex virus, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, and more.

And to make sure that there is no cross-contamination, especially in sensitive areas like a hospital or medical centre, they use colour coded cloths, buckets, and other items to clean specific areas for cleaner and safer environments. The blue colour is used to indicate those materials used for general cleaning.

Green is for kitchen cleaning. Red is for bathroom cleaning, and yellow is for infectious area cleaning. Also, all of their cleaning equipment and supplies, such as HEPA backpack vacuums, flat-mopping systems, microfiber mops & cloths, electrostatic dusting equipment, and more, have been certified safe.

Thus, Clean Group takes pride in being a provider of one of the leading cleaning services for offices and commercial buildings in Australia. As such, they are able to offer a 100 percent cleanliness satisfaction guarantee. To ensure long-lasting client relationships, they never compromise on their reputation to offer the best cleaning service.

Their cleaning services for office establishments often focus on special needs, such as pressure washing, steam carpet cleaning, and window falls. Their cleaning requirements are usually not done regularly. For instance, it could be an end of lease cleaning or a spring cleaning.

For their office cleaning services, these usually involve specifications for daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning requirements in order to maintain the overall sanitation and cleanliness of an office building. Some of the key specifications are a collection of rubbish, wiping the desks and horizontal surfaces, and cleaning of toilets and kitchen.

Those who are in need of office and commercial cleaning services, especially for sanitising the office from COVID-19, may want to check out the Clean Group website or contact them on the telephone, or through email. Read More:


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