Clean Group Provides Complete COVID-19 Cleaning Services in Sydney

Clean Group is a Sydney-based cleaning company that provides commercial property owners and businesses with affordable & efficient commercial cleaning services in all major suburbs of Sydney. The company has recently launched a dedicated COVID cleaning service to assist local businesses to fight COVID-19 and ensure the safety of their workers and customers. Clean Group provides cleaning services to a variety of properties, including offices, retail stores, schools, daycare centres, hospitals, gyms, malls and others.

With the world combating an unseen virus, businesses need to be extra careful when reopening their premises for general people. The virus can be anywhere, and everywhere. It spread through touch, respiratory activities, sneezing and coughing, which is why the authorities everywhere are asking people to wear masks and keep their hands clean all the time. Business premises like offices and stores are also not immune to the virus infection. The more people visit a place, the more the infection is likely to spread. Regular cleaning and disinfection are the only best ways to keep a business place safe for its customers and workers. Clean Group can help with that.

Covid Cleaning

Clean Group is one of the leading providers of industry-grade commercial cleaning services and now also provides COVID-19 cleaning services to all businesses in its service region. Based in Sydney, Clean Group provides its services in almost all suburbs of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. They have in-house cleaners, cleaning equipment, supplies and machines and their own trucks, which enable them to provide services even in the farthest corners of the country. Engaging their services is also quite easy and can be done over the phone or through their company website.

As the fear for safety amid the coronavirus pandemic is increasing, so is the demand for qualified covid cleaners. Clean Group is also seeing a surge in the demand for this particular service. Ever since the lockdown, they have served hundreds of local businesses and clients with their COVID cleaning needs. As a reputed and trusted provider of disinfection cleaning services, the company serves all kinds of commercial cleaning needs, including covid cleaning, for its enterprise customers. It’s known to deliver exceptional quality in cleaning and also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its work.

Clean Group’s COVID-19 cleaners are trained to follow the company’s safe cleaning practices while providing disinfection services. They take proper care of their own safety and that of others. They use masks, gloves, etc. and colour-coded cloths to avoid cross-contamination when cleaning sensitive places like kitchens and hospitals. Also, the cleaners are instructed to use only green and eco-friendly solutions that are harmless for humans and pets. Even for covid cleaning, they use a high-quality sanitiser that kills only specified germs & viruses and is totally safe for people.

Some of the most common reasons why local businesses trust Clean Group is that it’s a homegrown company, understands their needs and has huge experience in commercial cleaning in Sydney. Also, their antiviral cleaning and sanitization services are very effective and can kill up to 99.99% of viruses and germs, as approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Clean Group’s cleaners are trained, police-checked and certified professionals that are safe to work with and know how to pay attention to detail when cleaning commercial places like warehouses, factories, offices and hospitals.

When cleaning a place for virus or germs, their cleaners will first perform the basic cleaning, dusting and vacuuming of the entire place, including floors, kitchen, toilets, rooms, etc. Then, they will apply the sanitiser solution to all frequent-touch areas/surfaces such as tabletops, door handles, keyboards, mouse, telephone receivers, light switches, lift buttons, doorknobs, kitchen counter, toilets seats, etc. using their proprietary Electrostatic Sprayer technology. This will remove germs and viruses from the surface with 100% satisfactory results.

Clean Group’s COVID cleaning Sydney services can now also be booked online by visiting their website. A property owner in Sydney can request a free quote from Clean Group, which includes an on-site inspection by their area expert and free, no-obligation quote.

To book a free service quote or to know more about virus cleaning services of Clean Group, one can visit their website or call their sales team on 1300 141 946. Their services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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