Clean Group Office Cleaning Company Sydney Shares The Positive Impact of Office Cleaning on Employees and Environment

Clean Group, a Sydney-based office cleaning company strives to work with local businesses to make their offices better, cleaner and safer. With the aim to make the city cleaner, they regularly introduce new, better cleaning technologies and launch campaigns to increase awareness about office cleaning. Continuing their efforts, the company owner and CEO Suji Siv today talks about the positive impact of routine office cleaning on employees and the environment. As a full-service commercial cleaning agency, Clean Group provides complete office cleaning & disinfection services to all types of commercial properties in and around Sydney.

Suji Siv, Clean Group CEO, says, “Research confirms that regular and proper cleaning of offices can have a positive impact on employee productivity. Cleaning is important not just to make your office look good but also to protect the health of your employees. Through routine cleaning and disinfection of your office, you can help maintain a safe and fresh work environment for your employees, which will increase their enthusiasm and keep them safe at work.”

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“Owners who think that they need not worry about employee safety because they are not a warehouse or factory running machines are probably not aware that a lot of diseases can be caused by bacteria and germs found in an office,” adds Siv. He says that regular and professional cleaning of the office or workplace is the only way to ensure 100% safety of the visitors and workers of an organization. Also, office cleaning is known to have a positive impact on employee productivity. On the other hand, an unclean, dirty or disorganized work environment can have negative impacts on employees’ productivity and health. Moreover, studies verify that having a clean and well-managed office can also help a business make more profits by creating a great impression on their customers, clients and visitors.

Clean Group explains that a dirty or mismanaged office will only encourage negative things and can cause serious harms to the productivity of workers. These include lack of initiative, decreased encouragement & motivation, taking more time to finish a task, lack of socialism and communication, low quality work, lack of performance and results, work not completed on time, decreased ability to perform at their best, among others. Basically, the employee morale and productivity will go downhill in offices that fail to manage a clean and organized workplace for their workers, which will also impact the overall revenue or profitability of the company and might cause serious financial losses.

In the view of Clean Group, a clean office not only makes the business look better but also it makes employees feel better. Through regular cleaning of their office, a business can ensure more energy and a positive outlook in their employees along with decreased sick leave.

A clean office promotes productivity, improves health and inspires a positive frame of mind. One of the biggest benefits of having a clean and well-managed office is a drastic reduction in the number of sick days. When an office is clean and free of germs/viruses, the chances of employees falling sick and taking unscheduled leave get reduced. Besides that, regular cleaning and maintenance of the office will help increase productivity because employees love to work in a clean, fresh and safe environment. At the same time, it will boost employee morale, as they will know that their company cares about them and is willing to go the extra mile to keep them safe and healthy.

Clean Group, as a leading provider of office cleaning services in Sydney, is committed to helping local businesses, offices and strata buildings maintain a clean and safe facility for their people. The company provides a complete package of commercial cleaning services, ranging from office cleaning to carpet cleaning, strata cleaning, hospital cleaning, warehouse cleaning, toilet cleaning and sanitising, floor cleaning, factory cleaning, and COVID-19 cleaning & disinfection.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning market Australia and a team of 50+ trained, in-house cleaners enables Clean Group to provide the best quality cleaning services according to the specific requirements of clients For more details read this blog Also, they can offer personalized or bespoke cleaning solutions for commercial properties with special cleaning needs, such as after builders cleaning, etc.

Businesses looking to hire a reliable office cleaning company for routine or one-off cleaning of their offices in Sydney or surrounding suburbs can visit the Clean Group website or contact their sales team on 1300-073-089.


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