Clean Group Offers Comprehensive Strata Cleaning Services in Sydney

Clean Group, a company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has announced that they offer a comprehensive range of strata cleaning and maintenance services in Sydney and neighbouring areas. Stratas can be difficult to clean and maintain because of the many occupants and the various units that are present. Nevertheless, the professional cleaners from Clean Group will not shy away from any challenges that they will encounter in strata cleaning and maintenance. They have the experience and the expertise to clean and maintain strata property in the best possible shape. More about the company’s strata cleaning services can be gleaned from

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of the Clean Group, says, “Our clients can vouch for the quality of our services, and the outstanding quality of commercial cleaning services is a thing that you may be assured of. This is because we are fully focused on the satisfaction of our customers, which, along with our expertise, elevates us to uncharted levels, and our integrity is maintained in our dealings with clients. We extend our services to most of the types of strata property that can be found in Sydney and in general. With the right blend of experience, expertise, and commitment we believe that we are the best provider of strata maintenance, you are likely to come across.”

Strata Cleaning

There are many components of the Clean Group’s strata cleaning services. These include: the removal of cobwebs in and around the common halls, areas, roofs, and more; wiping and then disinfecting of light switches, light boards, and more, in common areas and halls; cleaning of trash bins; getting rid of garbage and replacement of liners; wiping, cleaning, and disinfection of furniture in the common areas of the building; cleaning of windows, walls, floors, ceilings, and more all over the building; dusting and cleaning of drawers, shoe racks, cupboards, and more; cleaning, wiping, and dusting of doors, staircase handrails, and more. More information can be obtained from

Additional services include: cleaning of common kitchens that includes wiping of splashes and spills; cleaning of rails, doors, windows, and more, including high rise windows; cleaning of living room furniture and re-arrangement and cleaning of the various display shelves; cleaning, sanitisation, maintenance, and repair of lifts; deep cleaning, mopping, and scrubbing of floors and surfaces all around the area; proper elimination of garbage in a healthy manner; vacuuming and cleaning of carpets using high-quality and eco-friendly products that are both effective and safe; cleaning of bathrooms & toilets and restocking of supplies, hand towels, toilet paper, tissues, and soap; cleaning & sweeping of car park area of the building; sanitisation of sensitive areas such as toilet seats, door handles, light boards & switches, telephones, and more; disinfection of all hard floors and surfaces, including staircases and more; and cleaning of cobwebs, dust, and more from mailboxes; and more.

There are a number of things that make the strata cleaning and maintenance services offered by the Clean Group stand out among the other strata cleaning services in Sydney. First, they utilise cleaning techniques that really work. This is because they have over 20 years of experience in the field of commercial cleaning. Second, they always use high-quality cleaning chemicals and equipment. They ensure that the chemicals used are child-safe and environmentally friendly. Third, they only provide certified and trained strata cleaners, who have several years of experience in commercial strata cleaning.

Fourth, Clean Group is the most dependable and trustworthy provider of strata cleaning in Australia. This is because their services are both of excellent quality and affordable. Furthermore, they are willing to comply with the client’s preferred schedule for cleaning services. Fifth, they offer a satisfaction guarantee. And finally, they can provide same day strata cleaning for businesses that have an urgent and immediate need for cleaning services.

People and companies who require strata cleaning services in Sydney and surrounding areas may want to check out the Clean Group website or contact them on the phone or through email. They can also take a look at their previous press release at


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