Clean Group Offers Complete Corona Cleaning Services Across Australia at an Affordable Cost

Clean Group, a Sydney-headquartered commercial cleaning company, is offering complete corona cleaning and disinfection services to businesses all across Australia at reasonable prices. This is a 20-year old and homegrown company founded by Suji Siv with the aim to deliver exceptionally good yet affordable cleaning services to local businesses in the area. Started in Sydney, the company now has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane as well and provides services in all major suburbs surrounding these cities. Clean Group also offers a complete range of COVID-19 cleaning, virus removal, sanitisation and disinfection services for local businesses in the area.

According to Clean Group owner and CEO, Suji Siv, “The best way to ensure the safety of your workers and customers in these tough times is through regular and quality disinfection of your commercial facility. Cleaning is no longer sufficient when you are fighting against something like coronavirus, and you need to get your place deeply sanitised for viruses & germs by professional cleaners. Clean Group offers affordable and efficient corona cleaning service with up to 30 days of virus protection. To hire, call us or visit the website.”

Corona Cleaning

The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared a while back that cleaning and sanitising, besides using a mask and washing hands regularly, are the only ways to stay safe from the novel coronavirus. Since local businesses like retail shops and hospitals have to host hundreds of visitors daily, they are the most prone to the spread of the virus infection through contact and respiratory activities. Amidst this, the demand for reliable disinfection cleaners is now higher than ever. Clean Group in Australia is doing its bit to meet the increasing demand by providing local businesses with efficient corona cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their cleaners are specifically trained in safe cleaning practices and are able to provide complete disinfection service irrespective of the property size and type.

At present, Clean Group is serving the routine cleaning and disinfection needs of a variety of local businesses, including hospitals, offices, gyms, schools, shops, malls, etc. through its dedicated offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane regions. Their teams have been trained in a certified disinfection technique, called the Defence Shield, which is known to have the ability to kill up to 99.99% of germs and viruses from the surface. Also, this technique involves the use of an electronic sprayer that sprays the sanitizer solution on the surface such that the electronically charged particles wrap themselves on the surface, forming a consistent layer of disinfection.

This method of disinfection is reportedly more efficient than fogging and wiping and can help the solutions reach even the hidden and inaccessible areas. Also, the Clean Group’s defence shield technique has been TGA approved for providing up to 30 days of virus protection. Read this article for more information.

Clean Group aims to make this world-class disinfection technology accessible to small and local businesses in Australia at an affordable rate. They are now providing complete corona cleaning service, including disinfection, at reasonable rates, along with free first service for new routine cleaning clients.

When cleaning a place for coronavirus, their cleaners will first perform a deep cleaning of all surfaces, floors, common areas, lifts, toilets, kitchens, desks and wardrobes, computers, doors and windows, switchboards, handrails, stairs and other areas. After the basic cleaning of these areas, they will disinfect common-touch points and surfaces using the electrostatic sprayer. The solution sprayed through the machine is in mist form and need not be wiped or cleaned manually. Also, it’s non-toxic and doesn’t do any damage to the surface or people around it. Their cleaners provide corona cleaning services to all types of commercial establishments, big and small, in their service regions which include all suburbs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Clean Group is one of the oldest cleaning companies in Australia and trusted for quality services at competitive prices. Their cleaners are trained professionals with a background in commercial cleaning. They have the policy to use only safe & eco-friendly solutions with the best cleaning practices for their clients. For coronavirus cleaning, their cleaners are provided with proper safety instruments, including masks, gloves, goggles and hazmat suits to ensure the safety of their own as well as of those around them. Also, they are instructed to take all the precautions while providing corona disinfection services.

Businesses in Australia can contact Clean Group for all their corona cleaning and disinfection needs. Also, they can visit the website for more information and to schedule a free on-site quote.


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