Clean Group Offering Safe Childcare Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Clean Group, a homegrown company based in Sydney, NSW, continues to provide effective childcare cleaning and disinfection services to all child care centres, schools and daycare facilities across the country even in these testing times. They have a team of in-house cleaners who specialize in the safe & green cleaning of child care centres with the utmost care and guaranteed results. They also provide complete sanitizing and disinfection services for such facilities.

As the entire world is combating the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for safe and efficient cleaning is now more than ever. This is particularly important for child care centres and schools that deal with children and kids on a day-to-day basis. Children at a care centre can easily catch the virus by the use of infected items, toys, utensils, etc. that are shared by multiple children. This is why it is crucial to regularly and properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect these items.

Childcare Cleaning

Clean Group, a commercial cleaning company located in Sydney (, offers a complete range of childcare cleaning services, which include the cleaning of rooms, windows, carpets, blinds, wardrobes, drawers, tables/chairs, toilets, bathrooms, and play area. They will also clean, dust and disinfect the toys and other items used by children as well as sensitive areas such as toilets, etc. to remove any viruses and infections.

One of the concerns of child care centres in the city is that the cleaning and disinfecting products used by their cleaners may not be safe for young children and might even pose health risks. This is not an issue with Clean Group. The company has a strict policy to use only green and non-toxic solutions that are completely safe for people, pets and children. Also, their cleaners are police-checked to ensure the safety of clients, especially children. They are trained specifically to deal with young children and babies while cleaning a child care centre. During a cleaning project, they take the utmost care to not harm children or disturb their activities in any way.

“Clean Group has groups of technicians who have been specifically handpicked by our company based on their merits, experience, reliability, trustworthiness as well as how they can handle work pressure. We take pride in our cleaners because they are extremely hard working and skilful. All our technicians are licensed and insured. At Clean Group, we use advanced technology in conducting Childcare Cleaning Sydney Services. Our technology includes state-of-the-art equipment, correct procedures in conducting the machines and environment-friendly chemicals that dry within two hours of application and leave the entire building sparkling, neat and clean, with no residues left behind and no chemical smell,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

During these times of the pandemic, it is common for cleaners to use disinfectant products for sanitizing and disinfecting a place to remove the virus. However, many of the disinfectants available in the market or being used by cleaners are not safe for children, pregnant women, etc. So, it’s crucial for child care centres to choose their cleaners wisely and use only children-safe products for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting their facilities. Clean Group’s cleaners and cleaning practices are certified-safe. Their Defence Shield disinfection technique has been TGA-approved as effective in killing up to 99.99% of germs and viruses with up to 30 days of protection.

Other reasons why Clean Group is the number one choice for child care centres, daycare facilities and schools in Sydney include their huge experience in childcare cleaning, an in-house team of trained and insured cleaners, eco-friendly & children-safe cleaning solutions and techniques, friendly customer care team, affordable rates, flexible service, and satisfaction guarantee. For the cleaning of child care centres and other similar places, they only use specialised cleaners along with safe, green solutions to preserve the health safety of kids while making the place look clean and beautiful and free of germs.

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