Clean Group Keeps Every Brisbane Office Safe With Advanced Cleaning Measures

NSW cleaning service provider Clean Group is proud to inform the Brisbane community that they have been hard at work keeping local businesses free of germs since the early days of the pandemic. As the world waits for a vaccine to arrive, the company wishes to reassure their clients that they will continue to offer their specialised services, which are geared to help address this novel threat.

In particular, the company highlights the successful implementation of their disinfection protocol, which was promoted following the outbreak of the pandemic and has now developed into one of their most popular services. This protocol, according to Clean Group, was carefully planned and designed in order to eliminate the germs in a business’ working environments, especially in high traffic areas that see lots of people cross through each day. The company understands that social distancing measures are only a part of the solution, and they commit themselves to keeping their clients’ premises free of these types of dangers every day.

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“Before the current crisis,” explains Suji Siv of Clean Group, “we were already known for being able to clean an office or other kinds of spaces well beyond what our clients expected was necessary. In fact, we took pride in the fact that our cleaning procedures often outdid other providers by a large margin.”

He continues, “Today, of course, is no different. Our clients expect us to ensure they can work with minimal concern of infection, and we have dedicated our best-in-industry and infection control-trained cleaners to carry out this task. The community is right to be concerned about their well being, but we want to let them know they will have far less to worry about once they get in touch with us. We offer you the advantage of corona cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection services, designed to accommodate any and all unique requirements your business may have.”

The secret to the company’s abilities lie in their use of the Clean Group Defence Shield service — a potent combination of electrostatic sprays and Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser. While the Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser can kill up to 99.99% of germs for up to 30 days, the company states that their application of this disinfectant has a strong role to play in its effectiveness. For instance, they point out that more conventional methods of cleaning tend to make it difficult (if not impossible) for certain areas to be sanitised as well as they should be. The hard-to-reach corners, gaps behind fixtures that lie out of sight and so on can conceal infected surfaces that wipes or normal sprays cannot reach. Clean Group’s electrostatic sprays, however, are more than capable of doing so.

As explained in a helpful video found on the company’s official website, their electrostatic sprays imbue the ejected disinfectant solution with an electrical charge. This charge causes the solution to be attracted to nearby surfaces when sprayed, which means that it can ‘wrap’ around an object of virtually any shape. As the solution clings to these surfaces, it then kills any germs it comes in contact with.

Siv states, “As we have all learned, a sneeze, cough or even an everyday conversation can expel droplets from your mouth and nose that attach to your surrounding environment. Since these particles are very small, they can get deposited in places you don’t expect. With the Clean Group Defence Shield, however, you can rest assured that every surface will be thoroughly disinfected by the time we’re done. What’s more, this protection endures up to 30 days. That’s 30 days of stress just taken off your shoulders.”

Brisbane businesses that want to learn more are invited to submit a list of their requirements to the company via their website’s built-in contact form. This allows them to receive a free onsite quote from Clean Group that will illustrate how competitive the company’s rates are (as well as show how comprehensive their service is). Additional inquiries may be directed to Suji Siv or one of Clean Group’s customer service representatives as well. Read more about the company’s commercial cleaning services at the following link:


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