Clean Group is Upgrading its Office Cleaning Brisbane Services

Clean Group is a leading professional cleaning company of Australia, and the company recently announced that they are adding some new cleaning tasks and equipment in their office cleaning services.

This new upgrade in their office cleaning services will provide better cleaning to their customers. The company also stated that they are not charging extra for this better office cleaning Brisbane service.

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Company’s CEO and founder Mr. Suji Siv said in this matter that a clean environment is a must at every office and commercial space and that's why Clean Group which already established its reputation among the best office cleaners Brisbane is upgrading its services. With better equipment our cleaners will require fewer time to clean the complete area and with more cleaning tasks no corner will remain untouched and our customers will receive best in class cleaning services. Clean Group is bringing some revolutionary change in the cleaning industry and cleaning standards.

The company Clean Group is one of the well-known commercial cleaning companies that has headquarters in Sydney and has offices in many suburbs, including Brisbane. The company has been providing inexpensive quality commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential cleaning services for the last 20 years without a single complaint, and now they are raising their own standard by upgrading their commercial cleaning services. By improving their own services, the company is really making an enormous gap for their competitors to cover.

It is notable that Clean Group Brisbane is one of the most reputed commercial cleaning companies and various authorities have appreciated its services from time to time and of course its customers. With most of the positive reviews, Clean Group has been expanding its reach and coverage area in the last few years. The company recently also started providing more site basis cleaning services such as office cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, hospital cleaning, mall cleaning, health care center cleaning services.

Clean Group has been providing cleaning services at all the Commercial Properties which includes entertainment centers, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, movie theatres, clubs, and malls, etc. They can provide cleaning services through dry and wet methods as per site and requirement. Their cleaning methods also include some of the latest methods and equipment such as Deep extraction, Roto wash, Steam cleaning, Truck-mounted steam cleaner, Encapsulation, Germicidal disinfecting wipes, floor maintenance tools, etc.

Their cleaners also have a range of manual and hand held cleaning tools which include microfiber cloth, abrasives, brushes, brooms, etc. If common mechanical equipment are concerned, then the company has access to vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, polishing machines, and steam vapor machines. As per the latest upgrade, the company is adding ULV fogging machines, electrostatic sprayers, new powerful air blowers, more powerful polishing machines, and various other types of the latest cleaning machines in their office cleaning services.

The company is also changing their choice of cleaning compounds After Covid-19 pandemic government authorities suggested more effective cleaning compounds thus as a leading office cleaners Brisbane cleaners clean group was among the first few which replaced its cleaning compound with the new ones. The new cleaning compound is more effective in killing germs and viruses and also has solid cleaning characteristics. This inclusion will definitely improve the cleaning quality a bit more.

According to the official website, the company provides cleaning services in very simple steps, their cleaning service package includes inspection, planning, cleaning and final inspection. They are good at cleaning an office with regular cleaning and deep cleaning methods. The company also added disinfection activity in their cleaning task as well. They added disinfection activity into the package, especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The disinfection will protect everything by eliminating viruses, germs, and bacteria from commercial properties.

Under their office cleaning services, their cleaners will start with vacuuming and mopping all hard floors with cleaners. After that they will dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, tables, chairs, and other furniture; damp-wipe all horizontal surfaces with disinfectant. And then they will empty waste containers and replace stuff as needed. They will clean the kitchen and bathroom, after that they will empty trash residues and wipe if needed. They will also replace bin liners and they will stock toilet tissue, facial tissues, hand towels, and hand soap. They will clean the complete office from inside and outside, they will keep nothing dirty and untouched. They have experienced cleaners who know the art of cleaning very well.

Thus offices located in Brisbane and looking for professional cleaners can contact newely created website of Clean Group office cleaners to keep their offices clean and organized.


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