Clean Group Helps Businesses Tackle COVID-19 With Commercial Cleaning Services

Sydney, New South Wales-based Clean Group is reaching out to business owners throughout the region to offer reassurance that their pandemic-response cleaning services will continue to be available for the duration of this crisis. The company is also looking to help new clients learn what they stand to gain by adopting Clean Group’s professional services. Learn more here:

"No business owner in Sydney is a stranger to the struggles of attracting new customers. Such struggles don't end there, however, as building a strong enough impression that makes customers stick around is also a challenging task," says Suji Siv of Clean Group. He continues, "You want to do everything within your power to gain an edge over your competition, and that may be more true during this crisis than it has ever been before. Previously, a poor first impression may lead a customer to believe your services are not up to standard. Today, they may consider it a health risk to patronize your business if you do not appear sufficiently presentable."

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According to Siv, one of the most effective actions a business can take to maintain their appearance as well as preserve the safety of all parties on the premises (including customers and staff) is to hire commercial cleaning experts. A company like Clean Group can give any business a professional and appealing aesthetic that is bound to create a strong and positive first impression.

Even if the world were not dealing with a pandemic, a business’ appearance can have a significant influence (either positive or negative) on the customers that they attract. A clean, neatly organized environment goes a long way in terms of increasing the number of new customers that a business receives — even improving their conversion rate from visitors to actual clients. Professional cleaners are often familiar with what they can do to achieve this goal, with the most experienced crews being able to guarantee a substantial result in terms of improving the environment and the overall ambience of the business.

Hiring commercial cleaners can also lead to significant results in other areas, as a clean and organized environment is also proven to improve productivity, boost morale and even reduce the risk of diseases being spread in the common areas of an office. When the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is considered, this latter point gains significant importance, as Clean Group can also help neutralize the threat of the virus.

Siv says, "As professional cleaners, we strive to offer our community the most complete and reliable services available. Considering the nature of the pandemic, this also includes offering COVID-19 disinfection and protection, helping our clients put their minds at ease. They know that we are looking after them even during these difficult times."

Clean Group's COVID-19 disinfection and protection services are among the best in the Sydney area, offering unrivaled protection through their Defense Shield. They utilize Electrostatic sprayer application technology together with Zoono-71 surface sanitizer, eliminating up to 99.99% of germs for up to 30 days. This cleaning method is TGA-approved and does not put the health of employees at risk, nor does it harm the environment, staying in line with the cleaning company's premise of using only green and environmentally-friendly products.

New routine cleaning clients will also have the opportunity to schedule their first COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning completely free of charge, laying the foundation for new business relationships with their peers in Sydney. More information on this initiative is available here:

Clean Group is among the best-rated commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. Numerous comments from their clients attest to the company's expertise, attention to detail and their willingness to work along with the inhabitants of the properties they service. One of their most recent testimonials, shared by Akeziah Millington through the Google platform, says that the company comes, "Highly recommended! Clean Group has a great team of cleaners and staff who deeply care about clients, always arrive on time and have concentrated on making sure that we are always pleased with the ‘after’ results. Clean Group has been cleaning our office for over a year now, and we've never been this satisfied. I guarantee you that Clean Group does really provide a high quality professional cleaning service."

The company's website offers more details about Clean Group and their commercial cleaning services in Sydney. Similarly, Suji Siv can be reached in the event any client has any further inquiries. Learn more about the company’s initiatives here:


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