Clean Group Gladesville Offers Coronavirus Commercial Cleaning with Safe Disinfection & Sanitisation Services

Office cleaning service specialists, the Clean Group Gladesville ( ), wants prospective and current customers to know that their specialized office cleaning services now come with a COVID-19 disinfection and protection shield option. The first coronavirus disinfection and protection shield cleaning is even free for new routine cleaning clients. Their professional commercial cleaning services are targeted at providing any business that has office space with a pleasant and thoroughly sanitized working environment for their staff and visitors. The company offers its essential office cleaning services to companies in Gladesville, NSW.

Suji Siv, the Clean Group’s owner, says, “Why is it so important for any business to have an office that looks great and is properly cleaned and sanitized at the end of every day? It’s because it not only makes a very favorable impression on employees and clients but it also provides these same people with a well-kept and healthy working environment. The best way to achieve this consistently is to hire proven professional office cleaning teams to do this job such as those we provide. When combined with the COVID-19 disinfection and protection shield, it also gives any office space a fighting chance to stay virus-free during the current pandemic that continues to plague businesses all across Australia.”

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According to him, the Clean Group Gladesville coronavirus Defense Shield treatments involve using a sophisticated electrostatic sprayer in combination with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitizer. This has the effect of killing up to 99.99% of germs on any surface for up to 30 days. Zoono-71 is also a TGA approved product.

The company owner added that the office cleaning services that they offer are the most comprehensive of any cleaning company in the three Australian cities that they serve. Much of this has to do with the training and experience that all of their veteran office cleaning teams bring to each office cleaning job they take on. He says their office cleaning services are also done using the absolute best cleaning equipment that money can buy. This includes making use of such equipment as state-of-the-art I-mop floor machines and lint-free high-quality microfiber cloths.

The Clean Group Gladesville ( ) also uses only environmentally friendly chemicals that leave no dangerous residue on the surfaces that they are applied on. According to Siv, they never cut corners when doing any office cleaning task but instead, make sure that they thoroughly clean every one of them in the office spaces that they contract to keep clean. He also mentioned that they strive to consistently give their office cleaning clients a well-above-average customer service experience too.

A recent press release talked about how the Clean Group Gladesville office cleaning services were the perfect recipe for keeping any companies’ office space highly productive & safe. The article also pointed out that this company’s office cleaning services were highly efficient, flexible, and affordable.

The essential office cleaning services that the company provides are also highly rated by those that use them. Terry M. states in his glowing review, “I have been changing cleaners after cleaners. I lost faith in commercial cleaning and what it can do until I met Clean Group. It was all well-handled from the first meeting to the actual office cleaning. They have exceptional cleaners that work very hard to maintain consistency with their job. Now, I never worry about how my office will look the following morning. I can sleep soundly knowing that The Clean Group has my back and they keep my office neat and looking great.”

The Clean Group Gladesville company owner added that his company offers many other specialized commercial cleaning services besides just doing office cleaning. This includes quality professional strata, pub, medical, gym, childcare facility, and school cleaning services. They even offer thorough and effective commercial carpet cleaning services. Read this article for more information

CEO also says that any business that is interested in their top-rated office cleaning services is welcome to contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Free onsite quote request form’ that’s found on the company website.


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