Clean Group Continues To Be In The Frontline With Covid Cleaning Services For Businesses In Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales based Clean Group is pleased to announce that they are offering Covid deep cleaning services for premises that have had confirmed Covid-19 cases.

The Covid-19 pandemic is widespread because of its incredibly infectious nature. Those who are infected by this virus may spread it to others through coughing, sneezing, personal contact and other methods. This is why it is important to make sure that every time and surface inside a home or business is free from the virus. The only proven way to do this, however, is through consistent cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation.

Covid19 cleaning Sydney

Clean Group Sydney has been at the forefront of providing Covid-19 deep cleaning services, carried out according to the standards set by Safe Work Australia. Deep cleaning is not just the same as a normal disinfection. Clean Group Sydney has trained a dedicated team of cleaners specifically for a special Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection procedure that also gets rid of common germs, bacteria and viruses. Their team is skilled and experienced at doing complete Covid-19 cleanings and disinfection of all surfaces, including floors, doors, window sills, kitchens, bathrooms and more. This helps ensure that everyone who will enter the premises will be safe against Covid-19.

Clean Group Sydney also offers Covid-19 decontamination cleaning for businesses that have already been exposed to the virus. Covid-19 decontamination refers to the rigorous and in-depth cleaning of premises as well as disinfection of hard surfaces and objects. They are careful to disinfect all surfaces, especially those that are touched the most (such as chairs, tabletops, water faucets, light switches and so on). Areas that people commonly pass through are also thoroughly disinfected.

The Covid-19 decontamination cleaning services that Clean Group Sydney provides gets rid of up to 99.9% of the virus and will also prevent reinfection. All cleaning and disinfection services are done according to the proper standards and are routinely inspected to ensure that they have been executed properly. This ensures that their customers’ needs and expectations are met. According to the company, this type of Covid cleaning is best for businesses that have already seen cases of Covid-19 or are at a high risk of infection.

Business premises that have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus and have had confirmed Covid-19 cases will need to receive approval from the Australian Health Department before they may resume their operations. Businesses that receive Covid-19 deep cleaning services from Clean Group Sydney are given a Checklist and Certification that they can use to receive this approval. Clean Group Sydney is operating 24/7, and they provide urgent same day services for those who wish to deal with the virus as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, businesses that have not had confirmed cases of Covid-19 may request a precautionary Covid-19 sanitisation service from Clean Group Sydney. The company states that this is a great step to take to protect staff members and customers alike. The team at Clean Group Sydney has all the training, experience and equipment needed to provide safe, efficient and effective cleaning results. The precautionary sanitisation service that Clean Group Sydney provides includes basic cleaning and disinfection of all areas and surfaces. Special care is given to cleaning door handles, handrails, doorknobs and other similar high-traffic surfaces. This type of cleaning is best for businesses that are at a low to medium risk of being infected with the virus.

No matter which type of Covid-19 cleaning their customers need, Clean Group Sydney asserts that they will provide top-quality cleaning results that meet all needs and expectations. Customers have praised Clean Group Sydney for the various cleaning services that they provide.

Kimberly says in a testimonial featured on the Clean Group website, “Over the years, we have found the Clean Group team to be highly professional and quick about their work. The office cleaning Sydney company always meets our quality standards and often surprises us with results better than we expect. We highly recommend their services for every business in Sydney.”

Emma writes in another featured testimonial, “We are very happy with our cleaning team. Clean Group has always been consistent and reliable. When it comes to office cleaning services in Sydney, I don’t think any other team can even come close to their brilliant quality and dedication. I would love to recommend them.”

Homes and businesses that wish to keep their premises Covid19 clean are welcome to visit Clean Group Sydney’s website to learn more about their services. They may also contact Stephen Matthews of Clean Group Sydney to discuss their needs in greater detail.


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