Clean Group Commercial Cleaning Smithfield Uses Best Sanitizing Technology Amid Pandemic

Clean Group, an Australia-based commercial cleaning company, announces its new range of premium and safe commercial cleaning services for businesses in Smithfield ( ). The cleaning service offered through the Clean Group new technology, called Defence Shield. Under this service, their cleaners perform complete disinfection of a surface or area using an Electrostatic Spray along with Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser.

The process, when applied by professionals under proper guidelines, can kill up to 99.99% germs from the infected surfaces with up to 30 days of protection guarantee. Besides commercial cleaning, Clean Group also provides a range of generic cleaning services such as office cleaning, medical cleaning, restaurant cleaning, carpet cleaning and others.

Office Cleaning

Any business of any size or type can hire our service for complete disinfection and sanitise of their premises in Smithfield ( ). For our routine cleaning customers, the first service is free. To schedule an appointment, contact the team today.

Clean Group’s Defence Shield technology is the same that is already being used by many big companies across Australia and the world for their sanitising needs amid the pandemic. All the companies should understand the seriousness of the situation and the importance of keeping their premises clean to protect the health safety of their workers. They are using these advanced cleaning techniques and recommend the same to others.

In addition to using the most brilliant and best-in-industry cleaning techniques, Clean Group also provides the best quality service with each of their projects. Their cleaners have years of experience in commercial cleaning for Australian businesses & they are regularly trained in advanced cleaning techniques and solutions to ensure the best results for their clients.

During their training, the cleaners should try to best implement these techniques for the desired results and how to pay attention to detail while cleaning a property, among other things. Besides that, Clean Group has the policy to use only safe & eco-friendly solutions, preferably made organically, which help achieve good cleaning results while protecting the health of people.

The cleaning and disinfection treatments of Clean Group involve regular cleaning first and then a complete coating of infected surfaces with the company’s highly effective Zoono Z-71 sanitiser solution using the electrostatic spray. The use of electrostatic spray ensures that the solution reaches everywhere, including unreachable areas and corners of the surface and kills all the germs, bacteria and viruses, providing up to 30 days of complete virus protection.

The areas and surfaces disinfected under this process include doorknobs and handles, light boards & switches, lift buttons, hand railings, toilet seats, phone receivers, tabletops, kitchen tops, computer keyboards and screens, chairs and other furniture items.

Clean Group’s disinfection service is preceded by routine commercial cleaning, which involves the sweeping, mopping and wiping of all surfaces. Once the surfaces have been properly cleaned, the sanitiser solution is applied to kill the viruses and prevent the spread of infection.

While cleaning the property, their cleaners take all the possible safety measures, from using disposable hand gloves to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Also, for the cleaning of properties where COVID cases have reported, their cleaners use PPE suits along with other personal protective gear to maintain the safety of themselves and others around them. The safety gear and all disposable items used by the cleaners during the process are immediately disposed of after one use.

“As a special offer: the first Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning is free for new routine cleaning clients,” says Suji while introducing the service.

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