Clean Group Canberra Is Offering Office Cleaning Services In Canberra

Clean Group Canberra is offering commercial cleaning services in Canberra. Clean Group Canberra has been active for over 20 years in all major Australian cities offering services such as commercial cleaning, office cleaning, strata cleaning, carpet cleaning, medical cleaning, gym cleaning, school cleaning, and childcare cleaning.

The company claims to offer the best in class cleaning service to any commercial institution that needs to get ready for the professional workforce. Workplace hygiene ranks high amongst the priorities for workers. To fulfil the demand for this segment of the population, it is necessary for the cleaning crew to be thorough in its job. It requires a contractor that can dot their Is and cross their Ts every single time. Clean Group Canberra claims it has set up systems in place so that its employees perform every task to the letter. The company prides itself on the coordination skills of its employees to deliver excellent results after every cleaning.

Office Cleaning Canberra

The company offers many services that are suited for any modern workspace. They offer deep cleaning of carpets, rugs, windows, doors, and upholstery. These can be scheduled as frequently as desired depending on the amount of foot traffic in the office. The company also offers daily garbage collection and disposal. This helps keep the environment clean for the professionals who don’t have to deal with the discomfort from day old garbage. They also offer complete dusting solutions from top to bottom including corners and cabinets. This can be a lifesaver in workspaces that are open or are located near busy, dusty areas.

The company’s window cleaning services make sure everyone in the office has a clear view of the city’s skyline. The window cleaning service handles both internal and external windows. The lobby and other public areas with tiled floors are handled by machine cleaning, with scrubbing and mopping as required. Exterior areas such as the car park, lift, and the halls are cleaned using pressure washing tools. Carpets are steamed and dry cleaned along with special treatments for removing any kind of stains on them. In case there is any damage to the floor, they are stripped, sealed, and painted to restore them to their former self. The equipment in the common areas like the kitchen such as the fridge and the microwave are also cleaned.

The company offers a quote for their cleaning service after an onsite visit. They quiz the client in detail about their cleaning requirements based on the industry they are in and the level of cleanliness required. The company doesn’t offer a one size fits all solution and instead chooses to look at all properties on a case by case basis. Some factors that can dictate the cost are the complexity of the floor layout, the time required to perform a single pass, the number of cleaners required, the distance from the city, and others.

A spokesperson for the company says, “A clean uncluttered office boosts productivity as it removes all the distractions that may cause employees to lose focus. If you give your employees the clean space they deserve, they will perform their best work. You want the best possible team on the job and Clean Group's commercial cleaning Canberra cleaners will provide one for you. Our sales team will first dial in the exact size and nature of the cleaning team that you need. Then our diligent cleaning crew will come in and leave the place looking like new so that your employees start fresh every single day. Our custom, tailored solutions are already being offered to many satisfied customers across Australia.”

Clean Group Canberra provides cleaning services in all main suburbs of Canberra, including Barton ACT, Manuka, Kensington, Fyshwick, Lyons, Phillip, Deakin, Yarralumla, Acton, Braddon, Belconnen, Florey, Mitchell, Harrison, Weston creek, Mawson, Torrens, Beard, and Queanbeyan. It can be reached at its phone number 1300 141 946 or can be contacted via email at Customers can read the company’s recent press release at


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