Clean Group Brisbane Provides COVID-safe Strata Cleaning Solutions For Businesses in Australia

Clean Group Brisbane, a leading commercial cleaning company has announced that they are now offering complete disinfection along with regular strata cleaning services to meet the increasing demand because of the ongoing pandemic. The company specializes in strata cleaning of both residential and commercial complexes with attention to detail.

Since the beginning of the COVID lockdown, the demand for expert cleaners in Australia has gone through the roof. The more the people are confined to their homes or offices due to the pandemic, the more they need to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization. Also, the offices & buildings looking to re-open want to first disinfect their premises to ensure the safety of their staff & customers. This all has led to a substantial increase in the demand for expert disinfect cleaners, especially for large buildings.

Strata Cleaning Brisbane

Clean Group as one of Brisbane’s leading commercial cleaning companies is helping businesses meet this demand through its dedicated team of COVID warriors.

“We are consistently helping local businesses throughout Brisbane remain open and keep fighting the pandemic with our highly efficient & affordable strata cleaning services. We now offer disinfection service as a part of strata cleaning to all new & existing strata cleaning clients in Brisbane,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

Because of the high occupancy and more people sharing the same space, common rooms & facilities, the probability of the virus spreading is more in strata buildings, which is why it’s essential to routinely clean and disinfect these multi-unit buildings. The best way to ensure the safety of such large buildings is to use the services of professional strata cleaning team that can regularly clean and disinfect the premises and keep them well-managed. Besides improving the safety of residents and staff, this will also help increase the life & value of the property itself.

Also, in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, it is important that strata cleaning is not limited to only general or basic cleaning and dusting. To properly deal with the germs and avoid the spread of the virus, it is crucial that the premises are deep cleaned and then disinfected by a team of professionals. It’s also important to routinely empty garbage bins and organise the common areas and facilities. All these things are covered in the strata cleaning & disinfection services of Clean Group.

“We provide strata cleaning services to both residential and commercial property owners. Of course, the cleaning needs are different for different types of properties, so we offer customised cleaning plans & solutions after thoroughly analysing the cleaning requirements of our clients. Our cleaners are highly reliable and well-trained to offer strata cleaning services in the safest way possible.”

Clean Group has an in-house team of strata cleaners with experience and resources/tools to cater to all kinds of strata cleaning & disinfection needs of the clients. To protect the health interests of clients and strata members & users, the company cleaners provide best-quality cleaning services while following the best social distancing protocols at all times.

The company has been providing strata cleaning and commercial cleaning services for almost 20 years now and specializes in all-around strata cleaning with complete disinfection of frequent-use areas such as toilets, door handles, tabletops, etc. to avoid cross-contamination. Also, the cleaners use the most advanced and cutting-edge cleaning technology to consistently achieve great results for their clients. “We provide both basic cleaning and deep cleaning services, covering vacuuming of surfaces and carpets, dusting of furniture and wardrobes, cleaning windows, and sanitising all the common areas and toilets. You can also hire our cleaners for catering to any specific strata cleaning needs you may have.”

Over the years, Clean Group has built a strong reputation as a trusted provider of top-grade industrial & commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. The company is trusted by hundreds of businesses, including strata owners, for their routine and one-off cleaning needs. Also, it has started a new office cleaning website and their expert team of in-house cleaners is well-trained to cater to different kinds of cleaning needs of the company clients in a variety of industries. Clean Group’s satisfaction guarantee policy ensures that customers get the best value for their money.

Strata owners and managers looking for a reliable strata cleaning & disinfection cleaning service in Brisbane can contact Clean Group for a free quote.


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