Clean Group Announces It Is Using the Very Latest Office Cleaning Techniques

Sydney based commercial cleaning service the Clean Group is pleased to announce that the company is now using the very latest techniques to improve the services it can provide for customers. The company has locations in Sydney, Melbourne, & Brisbane, all of which now offer exceptional deep cleaning and disinfection services for the exceptionally challenging times everyone is currently living in.

John McTerry, a spokesperson for the company, said, “We are now offering COVID-19 disinfection and protection shield cleaning for new clients. The process we use is particularly effective and kills up to 99.9% of germs for up to 30 days and is TGA Approved.”

The process and the main cleaning agent that the Clean Group uses for this COVID-19 treatment is called Zoono Z-71+Electrostatic spray. Clean Group customers such as Qantas and Woolworths use this treatment and service in order to protect both their staff and their customers.

Mr. McTerry went on to say that in addition to the free on-site quotes that most of the competitors offer the company will guarantee the use of eco-friendly and safe cleaning products. He added, “We take steps to eradicate carbon footprints, and to avoid contaminants and allergens. We are passionate about what we do, and that includes carrying full insurance for all of the office cleaning, or any other type of work that we undertake.”

Additionally, the Clean Group stresses that it makes a point to keep abreast of any and all new technological developments within its field. Developments such as HEPA multi-filtration vacuum cleaning that improves indoor air quality, hospital-grade germicide disinfectant cleaning to remove disease-causing germs, and others have all been incorporated into the systems the company uses.

Lora Kaiser, a building maintenance supervisor for a local care home, has been a Clean Group customer for more than a decade. She said, “We originally selected the Clean Group because of the choices they made with regard to disinfection and we have never had to consider changing. Their cleaning solutions are efficient at killing a wide range of germs, bacteria, and viruses, such as hepatitis B, and now of course, the COVID-19 virus. That helps to keep our residents and staff safer and healthier.”

The Clean Group is also set apart from other companies because it makes a point to carefully vet and train its staff. The company conducts background checks on its employees to make sure that the cleaners they send to clients' business premises are trustworthy. Additionally, it provides its employees with the proper training, which makes a difference in the way that these services are provided.

Mr. McTerry said that whether a prospective client is looking for generic office cleaning or whether they have specific or unusual needs, the Clean Group can provide a service that will take care of their requirements.

“We have some clients that have specific ‘hazmat’ related needs,” McTerry said. “We can handle that, even if it’s unexpected or a one-off. Our company can move with the changes.”

Another very satisfied customer gave a testimonial that the Clean Group has published on its website. Michel V. wrote, “Our business relies heavily on cleanliness. In a medical field, cleanliness plays a vital role in determining the credibility and the performance of the health workers. I engaged with Clean Group for 2 years now and I never see myself not having them as my cleaner. They have done more than what was expected of them. Their cleaners are exceptionally polite, honest, and very detailed with how they do their job.”

The company’s website has a great deal of information available as to what sets the office cleaning services offered by Clean Group apart from other companies. The company believes that potential customers should be able to make an informed decision based on the way Clean Group works.

The website is located at Anyone interested in finding out more about the work the Clean Group does should visit its website or contact them via phone at 1300 141 946. “We welcome any questions,” Mr. McTerry said, adding, “and if we don’t know the answer to a query, we will make a point to find it out.”


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
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