Clean Group Announces Electrostatic Spray + Zoono Z-71 Virus Shield for Complete Covid-19 Cleaning Protection

The Clean Group has just announced that they are now using a combination of Electrostatic Spray and Zoono Z-71 Virus Shield for complete Covid-19 cleaning protection. They claim that when these treatments are professionally applied, they are known to kill germs and viruses for up to 30 days on the surfaces they are sprayed on. This is the same type of virus cleaning treatments that are now being used by some of Australia’s largest companies which include Qantas, Woolworths, and CBRE. The company is now doing these advanced Covid-19 cleaning treatments because they realize how easily this virus is transmitted and the threats to human and economic health that this transmission poses. This a great example of how this company with over 20-years of commercial cleaning experience continues to adapt to meet even the most challenging cleaning concerns that are facing businesses today.

Suji Siv, the Clean Group’s owner, went on to say that using their Covid-19 cleaning services goes well beyond just the types of treatments that they use too. This includes the fact that not only do the company’s cleaning teams have many years of commercial cleaning experience between their members but they are also thoroughly trained by both the company and the manufacturers of their chemical and equipment supplies. This teaches them how to best implement the different commercial cleaning techniques that The Clean Group uses. He added that this training, which focuses on strict attention to detail, goes well above and beyond what can reasonably be expected of most businesses in-house cleaning crews. Their Covid-19 treatments are designed to clean and coat the surfaces of even the most obscure surfaces in any commercial property. This includes railings, light switches, doorknobs, door handles, window sills, toilet seats, and more. They also will clean surfaces on computer keyboards, switchboards, telephones, headsets, and chairs too.

Covid-19 Cleaning Services

The company owner says that this thorough virus eliminating service also features many of the same cleaning steps that are undertaken in their routine commercial cleaning process. That includes sweeping, mopping, and more typical surface wiping. This is undertaken as part of a two-step process where the basic cleaning process is undertaken first followed up by the even more detailed and specialized Covid-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield cleaning. He mentioned that this one-two punch type of cleaning is aimed at killing and preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria, germs, and other surface contaminants. The company owner added that for those businesses who are getting Covid-19 cleaning because their employees have known exposure to the coronavirus, The Clean Group’s crews have the ability to suit up in the most advanced personal protection gear available to keep them safe during the cleaning process. This gear will also be disposed of after use by using the specific government guidelines that have been put in place.

One satisfied customer who uses The Clean Groups Covid-19 cleaning service remarked, “Ever since the news of the Corona epidemic has hit the world, workers at my factory have been constantly worried and requesting me to let them go home. Well, that was my only option, until I hired their corona sanitization service who got the place cleaned and sanitized to remove all the infectious viruses, bacteria, etc. Now, my workers are happy to continue to work in a safe environment here.”

Siv also reminded, “As a special offer: the first COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning is free for new routine cleaning clients.” He also says that the other reputable cleaning services that they offer should not be overlooked by businesses and other commercial property types at this time either. That includes such highly rated services as their gym, strata, school, office, and carpet cleaning services. For more information on this reputable Sydney-based commercial cleaning company’s Covid-19 cleaning treatments, interested persons can click on this link here at Potential Covid-19 cleaning customers can also get a quote on this service by filling out the request form on the special page on the company website that describes their Covid-19 cleaning process.


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