Clarkston WA Walleye Fishing Guides Have a Longstanding Reputation for Consistently Getting on Fish

Clarkston, Washington-based Reel Time Fishing has been successfully guiding fishing excursions in the Pacific Northwest for many years now. In that time, they have established a reputation for being able to consistently put anglers on top of fish no matter what the conditions. They also can cater to the needs of those hoping to land several different types of popular gamefish. This includes having successfully guided hundreds of fisherpersons who were in search of walleye. Reel Time Fishing’s owner and operator, Toby Wyatt, says, “One of our more popular types of guided fishing trips is designed for groups that are looking to catch walleye. That’s great because they are the type of fish that can be caught almost year-round in our area of the Pacific Northwest. Going after these good size fish makes for a fun day for my guests and me.”

Wyatt added that part of the fun for everyone when he takes a group out for walleye is the challenge this type of fishing trip presents for both him and the group he is guiding. It presents a challenge for him because walleye are not the type of fish that are found in abundance everywhere on a river. That means a guide has to really understand their habits to get on top of them; something which he does with his many years of fish-finding experience. He has learned to understand that walleye have light-sensitive eyes that work much better in darker and murkier water. It’s why he has accumulated a list of areas on the Snake and Columbia Rivers where walleye like to hang out such as deep dark pools for daytime fishing and shallower-packed sand, gravel, or rocky bottom areas to fish at their dawn and dusk feeding times. This has led the groups he guides to regularly being placed over 1-to-17-pound walleye so the fun can begin.

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The service’s owner and operator said he also likes to offer a stress-free fishing experience too. Part of that is supplying reels, tackle, and the right bait for the conditions. Guests are more than welcome to bring their own fishing gear or leave that totally up to him and his assistants. He takes this same flexible approach when the anglers in the boat are trying to catch walleye. He is just as content to leave veteran anglers to go about their business as he is to give newbies some helpful tips that will give them a chance at landing a good size fish. Once on the line, walleye present a challenge for his guests to land, not so much because of the fight they put up but because they like to deadweight themselves. So, it takes a special technique to land one and the size of them is usually pretty impressive once they are out of the water. Wyatt added that every group he takes out in search of walleye is destined for adventure in a beautiful setting.

Those that have chosen Reel Time Fishing to guide them in their pursuit of walleye have been very satisfied with the experience. Mark Roe proclaimed, “I went fishing for walleye with Toby and Lyle. Let me start by saying that the weather conditions were grim all day; high winds, cold, and rain. Both Toby and Lyle worked tirelessly to get us on walleye. They used multiple sets, different techniques, and we went to several different areas. Well, we got walleye. Both guys are easy going and it was fun hearing their banter back and forth. Make no mistake about it, these two are serious about getting fish. Super impressed with the experience and will definitely fish with them again if they will have me.” Virgil Stratton stated, “Had a great time! Will be doing this again. Travis at Reel Time is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and he helped us feel very comfortable even though none of us had ever fished for Walleye before. Most importantly we caught a lot of fish.”

Wyatt added that those who are looking for walleye fishing guides in the Pacific Northwest are always welcome to give him a call so he can explain why the walleye trips that he and his staff members host are usually so successful. He added that their walleye fishing trips originate from such places as Lewiston, ID; Clarkston, WA; Lyons Ferry, WA; Pasco, WA; and Biggs Junction, OR.


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