Cincinnati Exterminator Providing Bed Bug Control Services

A local expert exterminator company is now providing high quality bed bug control services to homes and businesses in the Cincinnati, OH area. Stop and Drop Bed Bug Removal has been helping residents for years when it comes to keeping pests out of their property. Now they’re providing bed bug removal services.

Bed bugs are a tough pest, probably one of the toughest to deal with,” the owner said. “But we have the quality treatment options that actually work to eliminate these bugs from your property. We have the experience, skill and know-how to help you get the results you want.

cincinnati bed bug removal

Bed bugs have been appearing in many cities across Ohio and even in many states across the US. Unfortunately, they’re a tough pest to deal with because traditional treatments are not very effective. These bugs have become resilient to these pesticides and it typically requires a professional to get desirable results.

The owner says that they perform an inspection before starting any treatments on any property. “The inspection is important because it helps us determine how serious the problem is and then we can determine the best treatment option. Bed bug issues are not a one-size-fits-all kind of scenario so the plan we use for your property will be customized specifically for it,” the owner added.

Bed bugs are great at hiding and only come out at night to feed on people while they sleep. However, the owner also mentioned that bed bugs may emerge at all hours of the day and night if there’s an infestation present. “When you have no problem ‘seeing’ the bed bugs, you know it’s a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately,” the owner said.

These little bugs hitchhike, either on people, belongings, animals, etc. That’s how they get around and end up infesting a space. It’s advised by Stop and Drop Bed Bug Removal that residents regularly inspect their home or business for signs of bed bugs.

These signs might be the bugs themselves, their eggs, skin casings, or dark spots which is actually the feces of bed bugs. The bugs are about the size of an apple seed so while they’re hard to detect, it can be done if you know what you’re looking for.

When you call us we can schedule an inspection so you can avoid the hassle and we can provide the best solution to remedy the problem,” the owner said. To learn more about Stop and Drop Bed Bug Removal or to schedule an inspection or services, they can be reached online or by phone.


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