Christoph Nauer Helps Business Owners Move from Having No Time to Having Free Time

Balance6 Inc, a company based in Lafayette, CA, is happy to announce that Cristoph Nauer, a certified business coach, is helping business owners find that appropriate work-life balance and have more free time. The time management principle used employs a six-step process that was explained in the book From No Time to Free Time - by Christoph Nauer from Balance6. As John C. Maxwell said, “Time is more valuable than money, because time is irreplaceable.”

Christoph Nauer wants to emphasize that his goal is to help business owners increase profits and productivity, while enhancing personal life. He guides business owners to work smarter instead of longer to allow them to nurture themselves and their relationships, and make more money with less stress. His coaching includes plans and strategies, both with regard to time and finance.

From No Time To Free Time by Christoph Nauer

Using a comprehensive approach, he guides business owners into setting goals in six categories. Focus must be provided for all categories because focusing on only one or two of them can result into a work-life imbalance that can have a negative impact on all important aspects of life, such as oneself, family, clients, employees, and profitability. Christoph Nauer points out that maintaining a healthy work-life balance can help the business owner avoid staying on the “hamster’s wheel” where work appears to be a daily grind that seems to have no end. He will check on performance regularly to make sure that the business owner is held accountable. He also provides customized training on leadership, employee retention, and team building, on a long-term basis. Participants will learn how to delegate, get things done, have less stress, own their schedule, have more time and money, and have longer vacations.

Christoph Nauer offers three kinds of services: One on One Business Coaching; Group Mastermind Coaching; and 7 Steps to Work/Life Balance. The One on One Business Coaching is made up of bi-weekly, private one-on-one business management coaching sessions lasting for 45 to 60 minutes on the telephone or via Zoom, at a day and time mutually agreed upon. This is ideal for business owners who complain that they are so busy and have no time; would like to work smarter not harder, and would like to enhance their work-life balance. Expected results include: making more money and working less, with one to two extra hours a day, becoming a master in delegating and setting boundaries, having more quality time for self and loved ones, getting clear, on track, and on focus to surpass one’s current “set level”, elimination of doubts, fears, and worries that limit success and progress; reduction of stress and increase in happiness; improved relationship and communication skills; and enhanced quality of life and better work/ life balance.

Group Mastermind Coaching is held twice a month as group coaching sessions with each session 50 minutes long and held over the phone or through Zoom. It is for groups of 10 to 12 people and every session includes a question and answer portion. This group coaching can help the clients and business with: overall time management, scheduling, planning, and time blocking; goal setting and prioritization; wellness strategies; stress management; leadership and teamwork; and employee retention, training, evaluation, and management. Results to expect are the same as those from one on one business coaching.

Balance6 Inc was founded by Christoph Nauer to offer his services as a business and life coach to help business owners find the right work-life balance. He is a Brian Tracy Certified Time Management Master. The six categories to focus on are: time management; money; health; relationships; self-improvement; and higher power. The overall goal can be summarized by the Brian Tracy quote, “Imagine your life is perfect in every respect; what would it look like?

Those who are interested to learn more about From No Time and Balance 6 hereto Free Time can visit the Balance6 website, or contact them on the phone or contain Christoph Nauer on the phone or through email.


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