Chiropractic Treatment in Phoenix Available Through Unity Spine & Joint for Pain Relief

Unity Spine & Joint, which is based in Tempe, AZ, is pleased to announce that they are offering chiropractic treatment in Phoenix and neighboring areas as a way to provide quick pain relief. This is an alternative form of therapy that is focused on the diagnosis and then treatment of the spinal and musculoskeletal system. The chiropractors at Unity Spine & Joint are ready to offer treatment for injuries and issues related to the spine by applying natural and non-invasive techniques.

Dr. Thomas Morgan, a chiropractor at Unity Spine & Joint, says, “The non-invasive therapeutic method that we use enables the joint to move in a normal manner and reduce inflammation. Another technique is in the form of high-velocity adjustment, in which you are asked to relax your head in the hands of the chiropractor, who will quickly thrust your head in a way that you will hear a cracking sound. There are also other gentler adjustment methods that these practitioners use to give patients quick pain relief.”

The manipulations of the lumbar spine that they provide have been shown to be a safe and effective way to provide relief from pain. While chiropractic treatment cannot be used for every disease or illness, it can be typically used to reverse the cause of the pain. For instance, when a person suffers from neck pain, taking a pill for pain relief will only treat the pain. In contrast, a chiropractor will be treating the cause of the pain.

In pain stop clinics like the Unity Spine & Joint clinic, the chiropractic practitioners take a drug-free and holistic approach, focusing less on the symptoms of the pain and more on keeping the body healthy. This is the key to their provision of comprehensive patient care, such that the methods they use to treat the patient’s discomfort is painless and does not have side effects. Patients treated may feel some mild soreness right after the treatment but this will be gone within an hour or two.

In the management of chronic pain, they may also incorporate other types of therapies, such as transcutaneous electrical nervous stimulation (TENS), assisted stretching and core strengthening, and physical medicine modalities. Chiropractic treatment has been noted to be helpful with neck pain, joint pain, and back pain. Meanwhile, chiropractors can also provide therapies for other conditions, such as chronic migraines, ear infections, fertility issues, auto injuries, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

One key area where chiropractic treatment has been observed to provide some of the biggest benefits are injuries suffered due to an auto accident, such as whiplash. The chiropractors have the knowledge and the experience to help people suffering from whiplash get pain relief. Meanwhile, pregnant women may also benefit from chiropractic treatments that can ease their labor pain and minimize the discomfort in their hips and joints.

The principle of chiropractic treatment is based on the observation that when the spinal cord is misaligned, the patient may suffer from pinched nerves, muscle stiffness, and other issues. Regular chiropractic therapy sessions may help in preventing such problems from happening again. And chiropractic therapy may help people in maintaining their health and well-being, thus leading to a better quality of life.

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to reduce stress and discomfort, while enhancing the mood of a person. In addition, by really understanding the root cause of the illness or condition, rather than simply treating the pain, the chiropractor can apply several useful techniques for treating anxiety and other symptoms that are linked to chronic pain. For instance, people who are experiencing panic or anxiety disorders are likely to be also suffering from neck pain or migraines. This can be primarily be due to the tension in the person’s spinal cord. Using spinal adjustment, the chest is allowed to open up and the patient will achieve a level of confidence that frees him or her from tension or anxiety.

Those who are looking for pain doctors in Mesa, Phoenix and surrounding areas can visit the Unity Spine & Joint website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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