Chiropractic Treatment in Glendale Facility Believes in Offering Many Pain Relief Options Under One Roof

The experienced medical and support staff at Unity Spine & Joint fully realizes that not every patient of theirs responds the same way to the same pain treatments. That’s why they feel obliged to offer their patients as many options as possible when it comes to relieving their pain. This also keeps their many different pain treatments under one roof so their patients are not inconvenienced by having to go to different clinics to seek the pain relief they so badly desire. This clinic’s treatments center around trying to bring relief to their patients that suffer from arm, leg, back, head, and neck pain issues that have been brought on by injuries, accidents, or disease. They are especially well-known for working with patients whose pain originates from being involved in a moving vehicle accident.

The lead health professional at the clinic, Dr. Thomas Morgan, says, “At Unity Spine & Joint, we practice responsible pain management with the end goal of long-lasting pain relief for our patients. We do that by offering a broad array of services, treatments, and specialties that are not commonly found in most pain management practices. Our clinic has been designed to be able to provide our patients with proper diagnostic testing, medical procedures, and chiropractic and physical exercise modalities all under one roof.”

Dr. Morgan went on to talk about the many different non-surgical treatments that they use at their chiropractic treatment in Glendale facility and their other locations in an attempt to relieve their patients’ chronic pain. He says it all starts with their advanced chiropractic treatments. These treatments seek to reduce pain, inflammation, and damage to various areas of the musculoskeletal system. He says they seek to do this through the rebalancing of a patient’s spine which helps to stabilize the surrounding tissues, muscles, and joints. The lead health professional at the clinic added that many times chiropractic treatments work best when they are combined with one or more of the several physical modalities that they offer. This includes such proven physical modalities as ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, traction, and the use of Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices. He added that they also are very experienced when it comes to doing trigger point injections, joint injections, and administering epidurals. These small pricks are the most pain that anyone will get from their largely non-invasive treatments. Trigger point injections target knotted muscles that are pressing against nerves to bring pain relief. According to Dr. Morgan, joint injections attempt to bring pain relief where two bones are rubbing together and epidurals (epidural steroid injections) are used when other treatments fail to reduce severe and consistent pain. Other treatments the physicians and support staff at Unity Spine & Joint rely on to control chronic pain include nerve blocks, Radiofrequency Neuroablation, facet injections, medial branch blocks, and pharmacological intervention.

Those who have received pain relief treatments from Unity Spine & Joint have had nothing but good things to say about the experience. T. W. stated, “Great staff. They are always professional and happy to see you. They will always take a minute to answer any questions you have or explain something that may not be clear. I definitely recommend this place.” Brian B. wrote, “The staff here are great. Very friendly and sincere. Their method of treating the cause of the pain instead of just masking it over with medication is awesome. I look forward to my visits to the clinic because I can feel the difference now from when I first started. Keep up the good work - especially on me!” These reviews were taken from Unity Spine & Joint’s GMB Listing where a vast majority of the reviews there rate them a perfect 5 out of 5-stars.

Those in the Phoenix, Arizona area who are seeking options for chronic pain relief or the benefits that hormone treatments may offer can contact these chiropractors in Avondale by phone, email, or by filling out the form on their website.


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