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Yvonne Rizzo, an Attorney at Law based in San Diego, California, is pleased to offer her services to the local community. An experienced lawyer of almost 20 years, she specializes in the intricacies of child custody, divorce and family law. Learn more here: Child Custody Lawyer San Diego.

The role of a child custody lawyer is a complicated and serious one. Child custody law concerns the care, responsibility and physical domicile of two or more parental parties. It is a complicated field of law with many aspects to be considered, and it requires an experienced child custody lawyer who is well versed with San Diego Family Law Code. As the Deputy City Attorney for the Office of the City Attorney in San Diego, Rizzo has developed a deep knowledge of child custody law through extensive experience. Rizzo Esq. has been able to guide hundreds of clients navigate the challenging, complicated and constantly evolving rules of child custody. Her office offers free consultations for those who may need her services as well.

Due to the complexity of family law, Rizzo’s San Diego practice provides a full scope of services to meet the needs of her clients. The lawyers at this office offer support in child support, child custody, divorce and legal separation, domestic violence and disputes and divorce and custody for military families. The office also handles division of property as well as spousal support and alimony. Learn more here: Child Custody Attorney San Diego.

Rizzo understands that issues of family law are both legally and emotionally challenging. The team of lawyers make it a point to work towards making the process as efficient and straightforward as possible. An initial consultation will guide most clients in determining the best course of action for them. In other situations, clients may require support with an on-going child custody case. The firm’s blog has several insightful articles as well as a detailed Resources Page that provides more accurate information to their community. No matter the legal situation one may be facing, the team of lawyers are ready to take on any case.

Divorce and separation cause some of the most complex and challenging family law cases. In San Diego, child custody issues include mandatory legal mediation around 6-8 weeks prior to the court hearing. A divorce attorney would serve as a guide in the mediation procedure. During the mediation, a counselor will offer both parties a chance to speak, and efforts will be made to resolve the dispute. The parties to the case may receive a recommendation on custody and visitation child custody law is highly dependent on the individual details of a divorce case. Child custody and visitation is then decided by a judge, or ideally through an agreement between the parents. Other factors which may be considered in a case include military orders, geographical relocation, sickness and financial considerations. Learn more here: San Diego Child Custody Lawyer.

There are several types of child custody which may be implemented in a case. Physical custody refers to the child’s primary place of residence. In some cases, joint physical custody may be awarded. In this scenario, the child will spend equal or significant amounts of time with each party. In cases where the child resides mostly with one parent, that parent will be the custodial parent. Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions for and about the child. These decisions may include factors such as schooling, religion and medical care. This may be awarded to one parent or as joint legal custody as well. In some cases, parties may be awarded joint or sole (physical or legal) custody of a child. In cases which deal with child abuse, criminal, or drug or alcohol issues, sole custody may be awarded to a parent. In San Diego, courts often prefer to award joint custody in cases where both parties are considered to be fit caretakers for the child.

Marilyn Skrbin gives the firm a 5-Star rating in their Google review, stating that, “Ms. Rizzo provided excellent legal services for our family. From the first meeting, you know that you are in competent and caring hands. Her responsiveness to phone calls and emails instills great confidence. No one seeks legal advice lightly. We received expert legal advice. I recommend her services without reservation.”

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