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Yvonne Rizzo Attorney at Law, a family law attorney in San Diego, CA, is offering her services as child custody lawyer in San Diego County. She has almost 20 years of experience in family law, divorce, and child custody and she and her team are ready to help clients navigate the complex process of child custody mediation according to regulations in the county. Her office is conveniently located in central San Diego to provide support and guidance to clients on attending hearings, the process of negotiating, and revisiting child custody rulings.

Yvonne Rizzo says, “We support families and individuals through challenging situations while offering them expert legal advice. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our firm to learn more about her services.”

Child custody law has to do with the care, responsibility, and physical permanent home of one or more children between two or more parental parties. It is an intricate and layered field and requires the guidance of a lawyer who is familiar and experienced with the San Diego Family Law Code. Yvonne Rizzo Esq has more than 16 years of experience focused on family law and she has assisted hundreds of clients navigate the ever changing rules of child custody.

The lawyers at Yvonne Rizzo Attorney at Law can help with: child custody, child support, domestic violence and disputes, divorce and legal separation, spousal support and alimony, division of property, and divorce and custody for military families. They are aware that issues of family law be both emotionally and legally difficult. That is why they really work hard to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible. An initial consultation may be useful in helping most clients determine their best course of action, while other clients may need assistance with their on-going child custody case.

In San Diego County, issues regarding child custody will always require legal mediation. A divorce lawyer can provide the necessary guidance in the mediation procedure. Child custody law will be significantly dependent on the unique details of the divorce case. A judge will make the decision with regards to child custody and visitation, or the parents can come to an agreement. There may be additional considerations, such as geographical relocation, military orders, financial considerations, and sickness.

There are different kinds of custody. Physical custody has to do with the place where the child will mainly reside. In a number of cases, both parents will be given joint physical custody, which means that the child will be spending equal amounts of time with each party. In some cases, only one parent may be given physical custody and this parent is referred to as the “custodial” parent.

Legal custody has to do with the right to make decisions for and about the child, such as medical care, religion, and schooling. Both parties will usually have joint legal custody, but in some cases, this may be awarded to one parent.

In sole custody, one parent sole physical or legal custody of a child. Sole custody is usually awarded in cases involving drug or alcohol issues, criminal cases, or abuse. But most of the time, joint custody is usually awarded by San Diego courts when both parties are fit to provide care for the child.

There may be cases where one party is able to show that substantial changes have occurred since the original custody mediation and trial. If such is the case, the court will participate in deciding whether changing the original custody decision will advantageous for the child. In this complicated situation, it would be a good idea to get the assistance of a child custody lawyer.

For instance, moving and relocation situations may affect previous child custody rulings, when one or both parties relocate due to employment, financial need, or family obligations. Unfortunately, this may evolve into a complex situation, especially when the opposite party decides to show that moving may be detrimental to the child involved. Thus, legal counsel would be required.

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