Child Care SEO Shares Marketing Secrets With Community

Austin, Texas based Child Care SEO is releasing long form marketing content regularly on their website. The company aims to provide their community with information and free tools regarding childcare, including a free marketing guide for child care providers.

One of the aspects covered on the website is SEO for childcare, a service the company also provides themselves. Anyone who owns or runs a childcare center is well aware of how challenging it can be to get their business to rank well on Google. Child Care SEO provides marketing solutions specifically designed for child care businesses, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being one of their main services. The company has made a name for themselves by helping daycares across the US find new parents via online marketing.

However, their marketing programs go beyond SEO, which is the main tool used to bring in community members. They offer many other free resources and information to help child care centers expand their reach and improve their marketing strategies. Briefly put, they explain that SEO helps child care centers attract their ideal clientele — usually parents who are eagerly looking to place their children at a great daycare center. Those interested can even find a post ranking daycares on Google on Child Care SEO’s website.

Child Care SEO offers a website building course specifically designed for daycare services. The course includes strategies to help improve a center’s ranking on Google, boost new registrations at the daycare center or school and make a daycare website more engaging and enticing to new parents (encouraging them to book more tours). The course also shows child care service providers how they may implement a scheduling tool that syncs with a calendar, helping their team get more organized. Those who undertake the course will similarly learn how to ensure that parents turn up for their appointments, while simultaneously reducing the number of unexpected guests. It also provides daycare centers with the tools they need to enable new parents to both find them and sign up with ease. Overall, the company considers it their mission to help child care websites optimize their reach to their local communities.

One of the resources the company offers free of charge is guidance on how to optimize blogs for daycare centers. One of the suggested strategies is to create a content calendar or editorial calendar. This allows a center to plan for at least six months ahead what topics they would want to have on their blog while also helping identify gaps and fill out content. A center could start by selecting topics related to childcare and preschool which are trending on social media or on the news. They could even consider tackling or discussing issues in their local community. The company also recommends using short videos as posts. Child Care SEO creates one short video per week for some of their clients, including staff from those daycare centers. The videos function as blog posts as well as social media content.

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

Choosing topics is also an important factor. A blog post for a daycare center should have two main goals: to provide information for registered parents and attract new parents to the site. In addition to videos, long-form articles should be posted at least once a month. These articles should be a useful, engaging resource as well, not used only as SEO.

Parenting tips are similarly excellent topics for content. A daycare center should share posts about their facilities and excellent standard of care, whether these refer to the available play facilities, amazing staff and so on. Controversial topics should not be avoided either, a fair and even mix of topics is always a plus. An important aspect of content is that it should be authentic. A staff member, for instance, could write about their own experiences as a parent or daycare provider and can even include day to day happenings. Ideally, the topics should not be too long (or be broken down into sections if needed). Sharing sources is also great, particularly when posting about content found elsewhere. A daycare company can even hire the services of a freelance writer if finding time to make content is a challenge.

Child Care SEO is run by Magdalena and Colin MacLeod, both of whom are originally from Austin, Texas. They aim to help daycares and preschools that want to increase enrollment but are finding it difficult to navigate online marketing. Given that the owners are also child care service providers who have run their own schools for over 13 years, their experience can prove invaluable to others who are either starting out or only need a little help to meet certain challenges.

More information about Child Care SEO can be found on their official website. Colin MacLeod can also be contacted via phone and email.


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