Child Care SEO Is Offering Child Care Marketing Services To Daycares And Preschools

Child care marketing agency Child Care SEO is offering numerous free courses, downloads, and articles on its website to teach daycare and preschool administrators how to improve their child care marketing efforts and boost their school's local profile at their own pace.

Magdalena and Colin MacLeod run child Care SEO, and it is a dedicated child care marketing agency from Austin, Texas. The company helps daycare and preschool owners reach out to their local communities and honestly and exhaustively convey their entire value proposition. This helps the educational institutes attract new parents who are genuinely interested in the preschools' benefits to their wards. The couple in charge of Child Care SEO has more than earned their intimate knowledge of the daycare and preschool industry as they are owners of child care schools and have been running schools for over 13 years. The couple started Child Care SEO to bring their wealth of experience to other child care schools around the country that might be struggling to attract the interest of local families.

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

Magdalena MacLeod talks about the service that Child Care SEO provides by saying, "Child care marketing is not a widely discussed topic as schools are generally mission-driven organizations that focus on imparting high-quality education and delivering a good experience for the parents. They rarely have any dollars in their budget left over for marketing their services to the local communities that they serve. However, this is a common trap to fall into as you will soon find out that a lack of interest from those you are serving will be detrimental to enrolling more children, thus making it harder for you to achieve your goals of dispensing a world-class education. All you need to do is focus just a little effort on making sure that the parents who live near you hear about you and can find out exactly what makes the services you provide worth their children's time. We will help you draft a plan of action that identifies your strengths, downplays your weaknesses, and helps you garner interest from your target demographic."

To back up its claims, the company has published a case study on its website that tells the story of Happy Bunnies Child Care School, which went from being filled to 28% of licensed capacity to over 60% within just eight months after they enlisted Child Care SEO's services. The dramatic change of nearly 110% was brought about by implementing Child Care SEO's proprietary systems for daycares and early learning centers that were carefully and methodically developed after extensive trial and error by Colin and Magdalena MacLeod.

Colin MacLeod talks about the company's proprietary systems by saying, "Though child care marketing is not rocket science, there are a lot of steps involved that can prove overwhelming to any child care school that is just trying to do the best it can with the resources it has. You need funds to ensure you meet your goal of forging the bright minds that will shape this country's future. To collect those funds, you need to increase enrollment, and the only way to do that is to get the word out on the amazing services you have so lovingly crafted for the children enrolled at your child care school. Our proprietary system and strategies are the exact tools you need to boldly market what is inherently a well-intentioned service that is conducive to society's betterment and for the greater good. We will help you implement all the strategies that we have learned over the years of seeing what works and what doesn't work when effectively marketing a child care school. So give us a call today and watch inquiries regarding admissions to your daycare or preschool skyrocket."

Child Care SEO can be contacted at the phone number (737) 299-8737 or the email address for all business inquiries.


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