Chicago Video Production Company Video 1 Pro Is Helping Businesses Create Riveting Marketing Videos

Video 1 Pro has been delivering award-winning video production services to businesses, event organizers, and marketers in the Greater Chicago area since 1987. The company is urging corporate clients and individual influencers who want to promote their brand (personal or professional), products, and services to reach out to it and find out what makes it one of the best video production companies in Chicago.

Apart from video production, the Chicago-based company also provides a range of other services such as video editing, live streaming, and multimedia. It serves all kinds of entities – government or private or non-profit, individuals or small businesses or large corporate clients. The company’s services are well regarded in the Chicago community as is apparent from the excellent ratings and customer feedback that it has received on its online profiles. As of the time of writing, on Google and Yelp, it has a perfect 5-star and near-perfect 4.5-star rating from 32 and 15 clients respectively.

Readers who want a sample of the capabilities of its talented staff can head over to its website. It has a portfolio of videos on there that encompass all commonly requested categories such as promotional materials, presentations, interviews, training videos, motion graphics, manufacturing, tradeshows, corporate videos, events, pharmaceutical videos, drone videos, live videos, and more. Video 1 Pro has been delivering this wide range of video production services in Greater Chicago for over 32 years. It has amassed an impressive and diverse client list that involves big names such as Microsoft, Marsh, SOFA Art & Design, RCN, Edelman, DePaul University, Sunstar, BlueCross BlueShield, ABN AMRO, Pearson Education, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Lions International, and more.

To convey to potential clients the reason why Video 1 Pro is one of the most high-quality video production services in Chicago, the company has published two guides. The guides educate businesses on how video production and internet marketing work and what makes a great video production company. The first guide, which is titled the “5-Step Video Marketing Guide For Business,” includes information about topics such as keyword research, YouTube marketing, video SEO tips, and more. The second guide, which is titled “Hiring A Professional Video Production Company: A Checklist,” discusses the due diligence that one must do before hiring a video production company in Chicago to ensure a flawless and appealing final product. This includes checking details such as the reputation of the company, samples of work, project deadlines, communication with video, its production crew, and more. Both guides are available as a free download on Video 1 Pro’s website.

A spokesperson for the company explains the methodology with which it approaches solving its clients’ video marketing problems by saying, “Gone are the days when a simple promotional video with a laundry list of your products and services was enough to get customers lining up outside your door. Marketing has moved beyond the simple paradigm that was prevalent in the network TV days. In an internet-first world, you need to connect with an audience that is constantly bombarded with advertising whenever they are on their phones or computers. To get the attention of this demographic, which is virtually everyone in the smartphone era, you need to create content that tugs at their heartstrings and tells a compelling story. Your primary aim should be to craft a narrative that will create a bond with your target audience. We are experts at this. Our staff is filled with storytellers who can create jaw-dropping content that will decimate the emotional disconnect between you and your audience and get them to root for you. Once you have them on your side, your customers become infinitely easier to market to. Once they watch the videos we produce for you, they will choose you and your products and services over your competitors. That is the Video 1 Pro promise.”

Readers who want to get in touch with one of the best video production companies Chicago has to offer can contact Video 1 Pro at the phone number (773) 466-8762.


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