Chicago Video Production Company Stresses Importance of Video Editing

Video One Productions, a video production company in Chicago, IL, wants to stress the importance of video editing in the creation of a video, whether it is a corporate video, a promotional video, an interview, a presentation, and other business videos. They want to emphasize that video editing is key to the success of a video because it is where the various elements all come together. That is why the company’s video editing team is provided with the most up-to-date video editing software and hardware. They use Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software which enables them to edit 4K, HD, and other video with the latest editing software tools.

It is important to note that without video editing, all of the other aspects of video production cannot come together to provide a truly great video. One important reason for video editing is to ensure that the video flows perfectly. Since the video is shot at different times, once these are put together, there may be noticeable defects in the flow and it is the job of the video editor to make some cuts to ensure that the video will flow smoothly and naturally.

When doing cuts, timing is essential. The cut should not be done too early or too late. This allows transitions to flow smoothly such that the viewer will not even be aware of it. To do this, the editor will have to work with editing, layering, coloring, and sound editing. Sound editing is also a vital part of the video editing process. The visual part may be flowing smoothly but the audio may contain sudden changes that disrupt the flow of the video. The video editor will have to work with synchronizing audio clips and adjusting the sound volume to ensure the smooth flow of the audio component.

Their video editors can work independently or in collaboration with clients. Clients are always welcome to take part in the video editing sessions while the actual editing is being done. The video editors can also do their work with the clients connected live through Skype or Zoom. And the editors can upload the work-in-progress or completed video for the client to have access to the video and provide the necessary feedback. The advantage of this method of editing live is that the clients can watch the actual procedure and fine-tune any decisions that will be required on the spot.

Another important component of video editing is the use of still and motion graphics. Motion graphics are used to add emphasis and inform the viewer that a particular segment is important enough for them to take the time to animate it. Motion graphics can also help in break things down into simple terms. Complex ideas can be better explained in this way by showing parts of something, which is something that is evolving or changing.

Improving the video may also require the use of the appropriate music or introducing animated text to capture the viewer’s attention. Or photos and graphics may be used to tell the story. The experienced video editors at Video One Productions will come up with the proper combination of the various elements to produce a great video.

Founded in 1987, Video One Productions has been providing professional video services at competitive prices for more than 30 years. The company’s growth has been fueled by the skills and experience of their talented staff, their local client base, and their creative vision. The company started with just one service, which was video production. However, in response to their clients’ requests for other related services, they expanded their multimedia services. Their production services include HD video production, location light and sound, script writing, dolly, teleprompter, jib, and other improvements for a professional video. Their multimedia services include video editing, graphic design, closed captioning, motion graphics, DVD and CD disc duplication and replication, and disc authoring. Their video marketing services include video SEO optimization, video performance analysis, video distribution, social media coordination, and more.

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