Chicago Moving Company Assists Residential & Commercial Customers

RMS Moving Company, based in Chicago, IL, is pleased to inform their community that their team is available for both residential and commercial moves. Taking every job with the intention of making customer satisfaction a priority, RMS Moving Company stands ready to get their community’s belongings and valuables relocated with minimal stress.

According to the company, it is a common misconception that moving only involves manual labor. The truth is that an efficient move is based on highly complex logistical processes, so customers who work with an experienced company will always find that their move is more likely to go off without a hitch. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the labor involved with packing up and transporting items, the company will meticulously plan out every stage of the move in order to ensure no time is wasted. This can be accomplished by prioritizing certain items (or assigning them to specific time slots based on weight, size and so on), deciding when to transport the items so as to beat traffic congestion and even taking the weather into consideration in certain cases. In short, a move can be completed by merely showing up and taking the items to their destination, but movers like RMS Moving Company go the extra mile and plan every step in order to minimize stress to their customers.

The Chicago moving company adds that the packing stage is one of the most important in any move. While their moving trucks are known for taking exceptional care on the road, accidents can happen, and the best way to protect items in transit is to ensure they are packed correctly before being loaded. While customers have the option to pack their items by themselves, the company recommends that it be left to their professionals in most circumstances. For one, this frees up the customer to handle other parts of the move, such as making sure the rest of their family is ready for the trip. On the other hand, RMS Moving Company’s movers are experienced packers who can make sure every item gets the attention it needs, from expensive furniture to fragile dishware and so on.

Courtney H. has a lot of praise to share about the company’s services. Having used the company to move house in the past year, they had a lot of precious items that needed to be transported safely. “I recently used RMS for my move from the suburbs to downtown. It was a last minute move, and they were super accommodating to my needs and did everything to make sure I would be taken care of! The day of, Dontrell and Bryant showed up on time and were well prepared. They worked quickly and efficiently to get everything loaded into the truck. They took extra caution and wrapped all of my furniture items and breakable glass cabinets so they wouldn’t be damaged in transport. They took good care of my items and made sure everything arrived at my new place intact. They have both been doing this for many years and you can tell, they made it look effortless!”

Other customers have similarly high praise to share. “The moving team of Isaiah, Darron and Dontrell was fantastic!” says an excerpt from a review by Terry H. “On time and finished loading in two hours! Very attentive to my requests and careful with my items. On delivery day, Isaiah texted me early in the morning with an ETA and updated me as the day went along. When he arrived, he unloaded the truck into my storage unit incredibly efficiently and organized. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone in the Chicago area for a local or long-distance move. Polite, professional and efficient! Thank you!”

As important as packing is, it represents only one part of the moving process, and RMS Moving Company encourages their community to get in touch today to learn what else the team does to ensure a successful, stress-free move. For instance, customers can request the company’s storage services as well if necessary. Those interested are welcome to request a quote via their website or by calling their customer service department.


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