Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses How to Get a 50/50 Joint Custody in Illinois

Chicago divorce lawyer Russell Knight ( releases a new article that explains how a parent may be able to get a 50/50 joint custody in an Illinois Divorce or parentage action. An individual could lose a lot during an Illinois divorce. These could include the loss of assets or even their time with their children.

According to the Chicago divorce lawyer, "In the end, you can make more money but you can't get back time with your kids. For most parents, the most parenting time they can ever hope for is a 50/50 joint custody arrangement with the other parent."

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The lawyer explains that Illinois does not have 50/50 custody as its default option. To remove the term "custody", the Illinois legislature amended the law. This term was replaced with the concepts of "parenting time" and "decision-making responsibility".

Attorney Russell Knight mentions parenting time is the parenting schedule, and decision-making responsibility is the parent responsible for making decisions for the child. If the parents cannot agree, both of these terms are determined by the Illinois family court.

Attorney Knight states that it is fine to have a set schedule and make specific decisions about the children. Things can change drastically. Many parents want to know if 50/50 joint custody is an option. Four major factors would also require joint-decision making: Education, Health, Religion, and Extracurricular Activities.

According to the Chicago divorce lawyer, "I start every single divorce this way, I ask my client to make a wish list and I prepare the final documents to reflect that wish list. The opposing party will often agree with little or no changes. If there are changes, well, at least you know what you've agreed on and what you're fighting about."

Lastly, attorney Knight stresses the importance of a skilled divorce attorney when handling matters involving children. A skilled lawyer might be able to help clients understand their rights as well as their responsibilities.

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