Chesapeake VA Lawn Care Provider Now Offering ‘Fertilization And Weed Control Services Near Me’

Lenard's Lawn Care Service, a Chesapeake VA-based lawn care service, has added premier fertilization and weed control packages to its already lengthy list of services for homeowners in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk VA. The company stresses that there is a delicate balance between keeping a yard looking healthy and green and at the same time not letting aggressive weeds make their presence known. The company’s experienced crews have the knowledge, equipment, and weed & feed products necessary to keep any Chesapeake, VA area lawn looking great. This new service is all part of a busy year for this veteran-owned company as they've recently added aeration and seeding to their lawn care lineup as well.

“I enjoy working with customers to make their lawn among the best in the neighborhood,” says Mike Lenard the company owner and president. “A big part of that is doing proper weed control followed up by a fertilizing session that’s targeted to meet the nutritional needs of each lawn that we provide these services to.” Lenard continued by stating that many factors go into establishing a healthy lawn, these include the type of soil, available moisture, area growing conditions, and the amount of nutrients in the soil. This whole process becomes tricky because the same factors that help grasses grow are also favorable for growing weeds. He added that a homeowner can fertilize their lawn, water it well, and mow but that alone will not keep weeds out. It most likely will cause more weeds to grow and they will then compete with grass for the available sunlight, moisture, and nutrients. This will actually cause the overall health of the grass to get even worse. The company owner says the best solution here is to get rid of the weeds altogether. He stated that’s why it’s so essential that fertilization and weed control takes place at the same time. The company also has the experience to know when is the best time of year to ‘weed & feed’ the different types of grasses that are found in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Lenard’s Lawn Care Service doesn't just dive in and start killing the unwanted weeds either. He mentioned that they begin this lawn care task with a soil test to see how low the current nutrient level is. With the bonus of that soil test, the correct professional fertilizer treatment can be selected so a customer’s lawn gets the exact nutrients it needs to grow tall and healthy grass. Because lawn grass fertilization and seeding are delicate processes, the package has combined weed control and fertilization to get rid of nutrient monopolizing weeds and ensure the grass is healthy and in good condition at the end of the process. The company owner added, “If your weeds are getting out of control and your grass does not look the way that you want it to, don't hesitate to call us for a free consult. You will be pleasantly surprised when you hear what our advanced fertilization and weed control methods can do for your lawn.”

Lenard went on to say that they offer many other essential residential and commercial lawn care services too. The most popular of which is their lawn mowing and edging services. Lenard’s Lawn Care Service also offers beneficial soil aeration, mulching, and seeding. He pointed out that with the windy weather conditions that often take place at their customers’ coastal locations, many of them also ask them to do complete spring and fall lawn cleanups. They also offer affordable lawn care packages that include several of the above-mentioned services along with weekly or bi-weekly mowing. The company owner says they can also be counted on to do expert sod installation and complete lawn renovations.

Those in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk, Virginia areas that would like more information on this reputable lawn care provider’s services can call them, send them an email, or refer to their website at Lenard also welcomes anyone to stop in at their office to meet them. The office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

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