Chemekx And London X City Discuss COVID-19 And Its Near-Future Implications

Chemekx is reaching out to the London community to comment on an article published by London X City. The article in question explores how London life may unravel due to COVID-19 if no vaccine is developed in the near future.

"For the past few months, we have all been operating under the assumption that a vaccine will be eventually developed and made available to the public. Now, nearly half a year after the initial COVID-19 outbreak, it is time to ask ourselves what will happen if no vaccine is developed. Our lives are bound to change as we adapt to this pandemic, though the extent of this change is what remains uncertain," states Karla, a representative of Chemekx.

As it is right now, the medical establishment is still not sure if and when a vaccine for COVID-19 will be found. There are many factors at play that complicate the development of a vaccine, compared to other viral pandemics of the past years. The virus has mutated several times over the past few months, to the point where strains of COVID-19 found in the United States are slightly different from those found in the UK and other countries. On top of this, new strains of the virus seem to be emerging in China, complicating things further and increasing concern within the medical community.

Karla says, "All of these factors come together to create a situation of uncertainty where we do not know how long it will take for things to go back to normal. Many of us are asking what our future will look like. While the consequences of this pandemic will continue to affect us for the next few years, we need to ask ourselves whether the situation we are living in right now is the new normal."

When it comes to healthy living to reduce corona impact, certain areas of daily life are bound to change drastically. While modern life has been changing over time, COVID-19 has given the world the final push that it needed to speed up the change. The days of department store shopping and retail shopping seem to have come to an end, with big stores quickly going out of fashion in favor of online shopping and other, more convenient and safer options.

COVID-19 has not only affected the retail industry. Every job that can, within reason, be completed remotely has transitioned into this mode as a result of the pandemic. The number of people working from home is only expected to increase in the near future, bringing forth other unforeseen consequences as well as benefits that will affect what is considered regular life in the next few years.

"Having more people working from home will greatly change the landscape of many business parks and areas such as the City of London and Canary Wharf. Both areas are packed with offices which would normally house thousands of workers," states London X City in their article. These properties are mostly empty at the moment, making it so that paying for the rent of these spaces is simply not worth it. This is another instance where change had been forthcoming for a long time, though COVID-19 has just sped up the process.

The travel industry has also been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, putting further strain on an industry that was already suffering. With the airline industry being more or less on shut down, it is obvious that things are changing rapidly in all parts of the travel industry. While people were previously encouraged to question the frequency of their travels, they have been forced to favor new alternatives now that getting away is nearly impossible. Virtual travel and staycations seem to be what's in the future for the UK residents — though it is still too soon to tell.

With the COVID-19 pandemic being far from over, it is important to educate oneself on what changes should be expected in the years to come. The London X City article elaborates further on this topic, offering guidance and support for UK residents who want a glimpse of the future that may arrive. Chemekx invites local residents to learn more about the topic here:


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