Cheese Board Creator Highlights Benefits Of Using Bamboo

Las Vegas, NV based Frux Home and Yard is reaching out to highlight the eco-friendly nature of bamboo products and why consumers may wish to favor products made of this material. The company itself has long made it their mission to source only the best materials for all their products, and bamboo happens to be among their preferred resources for just this reason.

One of the strongest advantages of bamboo is that it is a renewable resource. Fast-growing and sturdy, bamboo is an all-natural resource that is eco-friendly and sustainable (when harvested responsibly). Since it is an entirely biodegradable material, products made of bamboo do not pose a risk to the environment, such as plastic, which is known to take incredibly long periods to break down — and even then continues to wreak havoc across ecosystems as microplastics. Notably, bamboo products should only be considered eco-friendly if they are not treated with harmful chemicals post-harvest.

Such chemicals may be used to slow down decomposition and increase the shelf life of the product in question, but companies like Frux Home and Yard prefer to avoid this completely wherever possible. Instead, they use alternatives that do not pose such a risk to the environment, extending the product’s intended lifespan while still allowing it to decompose and return to nature once its job is complete.

One of the reasons why bamboo is heavily favored by businesses that are attempting to make their operations more eco-friendly is that it only takes 3-5 years to grow, unlike other plants or trees with similar properties that may take decades. Its speedy growth also means that deforestation can be rectified quickly, minimizing risk of erosion in its native habitat and protecting the soil structure over the course of its life. They are also relatively easy to grow, requiring much less specialized care than some other varieties.

Notably, businesses that are not familiar with bamboo may be interested in it for more than its eco-friendly aspects. For instance, bamboo consists of a strong, natural fiber that makes it stronger than similar materials, such as wood. Furthermore, despite its strength and durability, it is not brittle. Bamboo products are known for their flexibility and resistance to breakage when placed under tensile stress. Those in the self-care industry may be particularly interested to learn that bamboo also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Many businesses have already made use of bamboo to produce various products. According to ‘Why Are Bamboo Products Eco-friendly?’ bamboo products include toothbrushes, bath mats, cat beds, sponges and much more. In fact, Frux Home and Yard offers a charcuterie board that is made entirely of this unique material.

The company explains that bamboo was chosen for its durability as well as its natural aesthetic. Bamboo is relatively easy to machine as well, allowing for precise cuts and smooth edges where required. While most charcuterie boards today are made out of wood, Frux Home and Yard believes that more manufacturers will soon be following their lead and switching over to bamboo.

Customer reviews on Amazon appear to back up the company’s beliefs in this regard. “I had wanted a charcuterie board and knife set for a while but hesitated because I have storage issues in my kitchen,” says Anthoiny D. “When I saw this board, I jumped at the chance to have built in storage and established cracker grooves! At first, I was a little taken aback by the smaller surface area with the grooves built in, but they work like a charm to keep the board organized and appetizing. As with any online purchase with moving parts, I was nervous to see how the drawer and carved in storage would function, but the entire piece is very well built. The knives are also great quality. The board is a bit heavy, as is to be expected with a high quality wood piece. Very happy with the purchase and would make an excellent gift to any household.”

As Frux Home and Yard says, bamboo can easily be used to create products of premium quality without the exorbitant prices other materials are known for. This benefits both the customer and the manufacturer in the long run, and the material’s sustainable nature means the environment will suffer less as well. For now, customers who want to try out such a product for themselves are welcome to check out the company’s bamboo cheese board on Amazon.


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