Cheese And Charcuterie Board Maker Encourages Culinary Exploration

TX based Roots To Table is advising their community to be more experimental when crafting their next charcuterie board. While it is true that such boards were originally intended for meats and cheeses, modern arrangements allow virtually endless options of crackers and spread as well as a number of other food groups. The more an individual experiments, the company says, the more likely it is they will find combinations that suit their every mood and desire.

Roots To Table calls attention to an article from Siroh & Ivy which explores a number of breads, crackers and spreadables. While these are only three possibilities, they are a good place to start for those who are taking a tentative step towards expanding their palate and charcuterie options.

“Bread and crackers and spreads, oh my,” the article says. “Bread and crackers and spreads, oh my! Do these three simple compliments to your charcuterie board have you in a panic? Crackers and bread serve as the bitesize plates that fill a very, very important role — delivering the savory meat and cheese to your mouth. And don’t forget the spreadables that add a magical moistness to your specially selected products. But with seemingly endless options of crackers and spreads on grocery store shelves and loaves of fancy bread lining bakery sections, how do you begin to choose which options to include? We’re here to help with some simple solutions, such as baguettes, water crackers, fig spread and honey.”

The Bread section of the article correctly observes that charcuterie cannot be consumed by itself. To eat effectively, an individual needs either bread or crackers simply to transfer their morsel from the board to their mouth. However, this also does not mean that hosts need to offer as many varieties of bread as possible to satisfy their guests. The article recommends two at most, especially if crackers are also included.

When it comes to bread, the host must remember that the charcuterie is where the flavor is supposed to come from. As such, it is inadvisable to pick breads that themselves provide strong flavors or have cheese and herbs mixed in. The charcuterie is the star of the show, so it should have the space to shine. The article suggests, “Try serving baguettes — long, narrow loaves of French bread with a crisp crust. Sliced baguettes are perfect as a base for layering and can be served either toasted or untoasted.”

In the Crackers section, the article says a similar rule applies as with bread (though it is not as strict). Hosts should stick to providing a handful of options of crackers. What is important, however, is that the crackers should also be chosen carefully to avoid overriding the flavors offered by other charcuterie. The article suggests buttery and flaky, grain or even water crackers for this purpose.

“Consider offering some fig spread or apricot jam,” says the article in the Spreadables section, “as they pair divinely with many different charcuterie eats. It also suggests ground mustard, hummus and honey, though hosts are welcome to go with whatever they believe will work best for the crowd they are expecting. Guests who like spicy or sweet items, for instance, can be accommodated here as there are a lot of easy options to pick from.

Before anyone begins experimenting, however, they will need a good charcuterie board to set the stage. Fortunately, Roots To Table is able to offer their community an excellent candidate in the form of the Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set, which is currently available on for $34.99. Built from sustainably sourced, stain-resistant bamboo and featuring no fewer than four stainless steel utensils (3 knives and 1 fork), this board is perfect for virtually all occasions that involve charcuterie.

Roots To Table invites their community to get in touch if they would like to learn more about the Cheese and Charcuterie Board Sets that the company offers. More information about the company and their vision can also be found on their official website.


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