Chase Pays Cash Now Ready To Purchase Birmingham Houses

Trussville, AL based Chase Pays Cash would like to inform Birmingham residents of some of the merits of selling their homes through cash home buyers as opposed to using a real estate agent. Cash home buyers offer a number of advantages in addition to the fact that they offer cash upfront, and anyone looking to sell their house stands to gain a lot from selling to partners like Chase Pays Cash. Selling to a Birmingham cash home buyer comes with a long list of benefits which the company recently published an article about. Their site can be found here:

Their article touches on five main benefits associated with selling a home to a cash home buyer. The first of these is speed. Selling through a real estate agent can be a long and arduous process as it generally involves finding a willing buyer and then working through the process of closing the deal, among other aspects. It is possible, instead, to simply sell to a home buyer who will buy the house in any condition, pay cash and do so within a week or less — which makes selling a home in this way distinctly more advantageous than any other method.

Selling to a cash home buyer is also much less stressful. Homeowners often find themselves deeply concerned about which offer to choose (or how to get offers to begin with), all of which can be avoided by using a cash home buyer. Less formality, paperwork and stipends and more are among the benefits they can expect when working with a cash home buyer. They will also have smaller settlement bills to deal with. Selling a house the traditional way comes with a variety of expensive fees, but these can be avoided by simply selling to a cash home buyer.

Chase Pays Cash’s article also indicates that there are fewer risks associated with selling to a cash home buyer — and the closing process is nearly instant. “Cash offers are less work,” says the article. “Every transaction comes with risks but cash home buyers make it possible to achieve your goal without so much to worry about. The entire process of buying and selling does not require too much reasoning and mental evaluation. Cash offers are the best, are you being offered cash for your home? Go for it! Not considering your reasons for moving out, cash offers help to close the deal faster regardless. Using a cash home buyer Birmingham, however, makes an instant Closing of the deal. No matter how much time you want for the on-sale house, a cash home buyer affords you more benefits than others and a quicker deal agreement.”

There are a lot of advantages associated with selling a home to companies like Chase Pays Cash. Chase Pays Cash LLC is a real estate solutions company headquartered in Trussville, Alabama. The company’s main focus is on helping homeowners find solutions for all their real estate needs. Regardless of the reason why they might feel the need to sell their property within a short period, Chase Pays Cash makes it a point to find a solution that works.

Chase Smith, who the company is named after, has a passion for real estate (having come from a family that has been in the business for three generations). He saw the need for an immediate cash option for home sellers and started Chase Pays Cash to meet this need. He uses his diverse background in real estate to provide his clients with the best experience possible.

The company says, “At Chase Pays Cash, we offer many options for the local homeowners we work with. We will sit down and run the numbers with you to help you decide how you want to sell your house in Birmingham. There is never any obligation, and we are always happy to answer any questions you have about the process!”

For more information on the process of buying and selling to a cash home buyer, visit Chase Pays Cash’s website. They also welcome direct calls or emails to their team. The company also plans to expand into more areas soon. More information about their expansion plans can be found at:


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