Charcuterie Cheese Board Maker Shares Insight On The Best Cheeses

Las Vegas, NV based Roots To Table has discovered an article on the best cheeses for charcuterie boards that they wish to share with their community. Published by Wisconsin Cheese, the article’s content touches on a variety of cheeses and explains why they might each be great for a certain charcuterie board. Even if readers disagree with the article’s ultimate conclusion that Wisconsin cheese is best for charcuterie boards, there is a lot here that can help them craft a great spread.

The article’s main focus is to help readers craft an excellent charcuterie board that their guests will speak of for weeks and months to come, a goal that Roots To Table fully supports. The article says, “You can help a charcuterie board achieve its dream by simply choosing great cheese. Cheese, after all, is the star of every charcuterie board, the thing that unlocks the door to a world of extraordinary flavor. When you choose the best cheeses for your charcuterie board, you'll give your guests an amazing taste and texture experience — and help your charcuterie board live its best life.”

When it comes to choosing great cheese, it is important for charcuterie enthusiasts to understand which varieties are already known to go well on a board. From here, they can branch out to include a different palate, but most guests will like the following: hard cheese, firm cheese, semi-soft cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese and crumbly cheese. Wisconsin Cheese includes several examples of each, so readers will have much to consider. For instance, they may want to try aged gouda for hard cheese, or burrata for soft cheese. Similarly, gruyere and the classic cheddar may be considered in the family of firm cheeses.

However, the article has a few practical recommendations that will likely be useful no matter what cheese is picked. For instance, about 2 ounces of cheese should be included per person (and increased to 5 ounces per person if the cheese will represent the entire meal on the charcuterie board). Since many boards will feature a variety of cheeses, it is advisable that specific knives be used for each type — this will help keep flavors from mingling. Finally, Wisconsin Cheese says cheese flavor is best appreciated at room temperature under most circumstances, so taking the cheese from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving will be ideal.

To those who are inclined to disagree with their choice of cheese, Wisconsin Cheese points out that the state has already won more awards for their cheese than any other state or country in the world. They also produce more than 600 varieties and styles of cheese to exacting standards, the sum of which also exceeds cheese production anywhere else in the world. Cheese from Wisconsin is so revered, in fact, that roughly half the specialty artisan cheese sold in the US is produced within this state. Professionals trust the state’s producers like almost no other, especially since it hosts half the world’s master cheesemaker programs (one of a total of two).

As Roots To Table’s customers swiftly discover, a great charcuterie board can make it easier to serve guests with ease, especially since there is no ‘right’ way to pick cheeses for a meat and cheese board. The company offers a Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set on that is perfect for virtually all events that call for charcuterie, whether it features prominently or not.

To begin with, the board itself is crafted from stain and odor-resistant bamboo, making cleanup a breeze and ensuring flavors remain pure with every use. Hidden beneath its surface, however, is a slide-out drawer that contains no fewer than four stainless steel utensils. With three kinds of knife and a fork, most charcuterie events are guaranteed to have everything they need to be a smashing success — provided readers have also taken Wisconsin Cheese’ advice to heart.

Anyone interested in this board, currently available for $34.99, is welcome to learn more about it on the product’s Amazon listing or via the Roots To Table website. Customers and other interested parties are also welcome to contact Mike MacDonald of Roots To Table for further inquiries.


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