Charcuterie Board Set Grows In Popularity Among Amazon Customers

Las Vegas, NV based Frux Home and Yard is delighted to report that their charcuterie board set has been a roaring success with their customers. The company attributes this to the product’s extraordinarily strong build quality as well as its numerous functions, some of which may not even be visible at first glance. Highly affordable yet versatile, the set has been receiving rave reviews from the vast majority of customers.

Frux Home and Yard says the board was designed to be the ultimate accompaniment for parties and small events at home. Compact, practical and aesthetically pleasing, the all-in-one charcuterie board packs numerous features that make it absolutely essential for any gathering with family or friends. The company has listed the product as a cheese board and knife set as well, making it plain for customers to see what some of these features are. However, guests will have the pleasure of discovering it in person since the board contains a hidden, slide-out tray for cutlery. As a result, it can often serve as a conversation piece all by itself.

Notably, this is much more than a gimmick. Frux Home and Yard expected their boards to see a great deal of use, and they designed it to meet this need. Each set comes with no fewer than four stainless steel cheese knives: the fork, almond, chisel and narrow plane. These beautifully crafted knives are meant to help with slicing various cheeses, from hard to soft. Eco-conscious customers will also be pleased to learn that the set itself is built from sustainably grown, 100% natural Bamboo, and the board is both stain and odor-resistant. Frux Home and Yard encourages their customers to serve as many varieties of meats, cheeses and other foods as they like without fear of undue harm to the board. It even has a surrounding carved well for crackers, fruits and nuts.

A top-rated review from Amazon customer Anthony D. says, “I had wanted a charcuterie board and knife set for a while but hesitated because I have storage issues in my kitchen. When I saw this board, I jumped at the chance to have built in storage and established cracker grooves! At first, I was a little taken aback by the smaller surface area with the grooves built in, but they work like a charm to keep the board organized and appetizing.”

The review also touches on certain concerns that many customers will have regarding products they obtain through online storefronts. The customer explains, “As with any online purchase with moving parts, I was nervous to see how the drawer and carved in storage would function, but the entire piece is very well built. The knives are also great quality. The board is a bit heavy, as is to be expected with a high quality wood piece. Very happy with the purchase and would make an excellent gift to any household.”

Charcuterie boards are swiftly growing in popularity, and the competition is fierce among manufacturers who are all vying for the top spot. Frux Home and Yard believes they have a strong contender in their cheese board and knife set, which packs features many other boards lack. As the customer review noted, the board also makes an excellent, tasteful gift for nearly any occasion. Even if the recipient in question already has a charcuterie board, it is unlikely to be as useful — or even as beautiful — as the board from Frux Home and Yard.

Another review from Kristin P. says, “I love that the accessories are stored right within the base of the board. It is sturdy, smooth and beautiful. The accessories are also of high quality and work great. Just had a nice gathering and made a beautiful array of goodies. Board is a great size and fits a lot of food on it — I really like the inlay for crackers, olives etc. Great product!”

Charcuterie board sets are taking the American household by storm, and Frux Home and Yard looks forward to receiving feedback from customers who have welcomed their cheese board and knife set to their home. They also draw their community’s attention to The Real Reason Charcuterie Boards Are So Popular article by, which goes into much greater detail on these boards and the many items that can be served on them. For more, customers may contact Mike MacDonald of Frux Home and Yard or look up the company’s products on Amazon.


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