Charcuterie Board Can Be Useful in a Valentine’s Day At-Home Date Night

Frux Home and Yard, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, that offers a natural bamboo cheeseboard and knife set on, wants to point out how the charcuterie board can be useful for couples who plan to have an at-home date night for Valentine’s Day. In the Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board + At-Home Date Night Ideas article by Rachael DeVaux, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, she suggests various ideas for an at-home date night and then use a charcuterie board for serving food with class to one’s partner in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

She offers various ideas for a stay at home date night. These include: breakfast in bed; cook dinner together; movie marathon; virtual wine or cocktail class; at-home spa day; and game night. These are all ideas for couples who want to play it safe because of the pandemic and want to stay at home while celebrating Valentine’s Day. She actually decided to use a charcuterie board for brunch on Valentine’s Day morning. She suggests bacon, mini waffles, and fresh organic berries, and toppings such as maple syrup, peanut butter, sliced almonds, manuka honey, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut. The main idea is that the food will be easy to prepare and then presented on a charcuterie board.

Frux’s natural bamboo cheese board can be utilized as a charcuterie platter, as suggested in the article. And it is suitable particularly for those who love cheese because of its knife set with four types of cutlery to handle various kinds of cheese. But for those who don’t want to use the knife set, the slide out tray containing the cutlery is well hidden when not in use. This cheese board is big enough at 14.5 inches by 13.3 inches, to hold different kinds of food, including mini waffles, berries, bacon and other kinds of meat, etc. In fact, this cheeseboard can be a suitable gift for the holiday as well.

This natural bamboo cheese board would be suitable for breakfast in bed as suggested by the article. It can easily be used to hold fried eggs, bacon, and other foods served for breakfast. And for those who prefer to for a movie marathon, this cheese board can contain snack foods a couple can enjoy while catching up on favorite movies or finishing a whole series in one sitting.

For those who love to cook, cooking dinner together on Valentine’s Day would be a great idea, and once again, the cheese board can be used for serving the couple’s culinary creations, such as Mexican-style flautas, as suggested by Rachael DeVaux.

For those who choose a virtual wine or cocktail class, the cheeseboard will come in handy for the cocktail food or “finger food.” For an at-home spa day, the cheeseboard will also come in handy for various kinds of food that people eat on spa day, such as mini cupcakes, gourmet cookies or chocolates, cheese, caramel, shrimp, and other seafood appetizers.

And for those who prefer a game night, the cheeseboard will also be useful for those snack foods the couple would like to nibble on while playing chess, Monopoly, Jenga, or whatever kind of game the couple would like to play.

Established in 2013, Frux Home and Yard is a family owned and operated company that is focused on providing high quality home products, such as the bamboo charcuterie board and knife set and silicone oven mitts. At present, they are busy creating a a new line of products that are expected to satisfy a broad variety of needs for lighting, home, and decorating needs that are practical for many kinds of special occasions, such as birthday parties, banquets, weddings, garden parties, etc.

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