Champion System USA Is Offering Custom Cycling Jersey Collections For Teams And Individuals

Lincoln, Nebraska -

Champion System is gaining attention for the launch of their custom cycling jerseys. Meant for individuals and teams, all jerseys in the newly released range are fast and comfortable in various conditions.

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Champion System’s brand-new range of custom cycling jerseys is available in different collections, each geared towards a different type of cyclist. The Apex collection is a no-compromise offering aimed at riders looking for maximum speed and performance.The Performance collection is perfect for enthusiasts who want every advantage they can get and strikes a balance between features, comfort, and price. The Tech collection is for those getting their feet wet in the sport and seeking something that meets their needs at an entry-level price point.

The jerseys’ GLIDE fabric on the front and rear panels provides features such as quick-dry and UV protection (50+). The race cut jerseys ensure a close fit all around and are perfect for racing and hard training, while the club cut offers a longer and looser fit.The jerseys’ highly breathable Ozone fabric on the sleeves and side panels allows for temperature regulation and comfort. The fit and cut of jerseys in the Apex collection have been enhanced with the introduction of a set-in sleeve. The reflective strip on the jerseys’ rear pockets facilitates nighttime riding. The waterproof pocket can store valuables, protecting them from getting soaked. The rear pockets can withstand shearing forces while riding. The jerseys also have silicone front and rear grippers that hold them in place.

As previously announced, he jerseys are available in men’s- and women’s-specific cuts, with several personalization options for arm and leg lengths, chamois, and collar height, all of which form part of the garment price. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. The jerseys are suitable for BMX-bike, road-bike, and mountain-bike riding.

Champion System is confident about their product line-up and stands behind it by offering a lifetime quality commitment. The company also provides a free crash replacement service for teams who expect to navigate rough terrains or face intense pressure in their scheduled events. There’s an on-time-delivery guarantee for all orders, so clients get their jerseys in time for their events.

Champion System is owned and operated in the US. They have an office in Nebraska serving all US-based customers. The company invests in research and has a dedicated Product Development team that produces, tests, and develops new offerings to keep up with the advancements in biking technology and materials. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the US when it comes to producing proven quality garments tested from club to elite levels.

Champion System offers flexible ordering options, including low minimum order requirements. Teams are free to pick a mix of sizes, designs, and products in their orders. The company owns all their factories and provides them complete control over the entire production process, thus ensuring consistency in product quality and delivery.

Customers who need help with jersey design can seek assistance from the company’s dedicated design team. Customers can also benefit from the company’s integrated online systems, which give them personalized accounts that store all their designs, details of previous orders, and reports.

Champion System USA has also recently announced their partnership with InstaFund La Prima, a North American UCI Continental Women’s Cycling Team.

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