Central Texas Spine Institute Finds Success In Treating Chronic Back Pain

Austin, TX-based Central Texas Spine Institute PLLC (CTSI) is pleased to report that they have found tremendous success treating chronic back pain among the members of their community. Spearheaded by Dr. Randall F. Dryer, their medical program was designed from its inception to research and treat this ailment with the help of cutting edge technology and the oversight of experienced doctors.

The spine plays a crucial role in the body’s function. The brain may create the nerve impulses that allow the body to move and sense its environment but the spine is the vessel for the spinal cord that carries these impulses around the body. Damage to the spine, it then follows, can have drastic consequences, and this means that spinal issues are the sort of problem no one can afford to take lightly. Fortunately for Austin residents, Dr. Dryer and his team are always ready to offer their assistance to patients in need.

spine surgeon dr. Randall

When one thinks of damage to the spine, one may be inclined to think of accidents and other forms of externally induced trauma. While this is indeed true for many cases, Dr. Dryer is quick to point out that other ailments can affect the spine as well — patients often find themselves glad to learn that Dr. Dryer specializes in the treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine. An award-winning physician, he strongly believes in putting the latest technological advancements to work wherever possible, relying on only the most minimally invasive surgical techniques in order to ensure his patients have to endure relatively short periods of recovery.

Whether a patient requires surgery, physical therapy or anything in between, the surgeon is able to draw on his expertise and determine the best course of action to take in their treatment. CTSI’s premises are conveniently located next to the Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Select Physical Therapy (an outpatient physical therapy center) and the Austin Radiological Association (a diagnostic imaging center). This enables the clinic to coordinate care for their patients whenever necessary, drawing upon the combined prowess of multiple providers to ensure the highest chances of a full recovery.

“A huge part of our focus is on getting you back to a state you can enjoy your life again,” says Dr. Dryer. “This is why we select only the best tools and personnel to resolve your issues. Surgery, for example, is a great tool, but it must not be used more than necessary. Our job is to walk through your condition and determine exactly what sort of treatment you need, no more and no less.”

Dr. Dryer and his team also go out of their way to ensure each patient receives the benefit of excellent care and comfort. CTSI holds that a comfortable patient is more likely to experience a speedy and fulfilling recovery, and this value of this approach is evident in the feedback that the clinic receives online.

On their Google Maps listing, for instance, Kimberly Lee’s 5-Star review shares, “Dr. Dryer, Vanessa, Lynn and the girls up front treated me with tremendous respect. Long story short: I had a two level fusion two weeks ago. I am now walking my dog again and playing ball with her. I couldn’t do that before Dr. Dryer performed his magic. I highly recommend Dr. Dryer. Only place to go if you want the greatest care and knowledge.”

Kevin Boissonneault’s review adds to this with an account of Dr. Dryer’s methods, stating, “I provided him with an MRI of my lower back. He was detailed in his discussion about the problem I was having. Did an epidural steroid injection in my back. I feel 100% again. My wife has to remind me to slow down but after several years of pain, it is so nice to be pain free again. Great doctor. I recommend Dr Dryer if you are having lower back pain. He was the fourth doctor I went to, and I wish he had been my first!”

Should an individual be looking for relief from neck or back pain, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Randall F. Dryer and the team at the Central Texas Spine Institute today. More information regarding the treatments they offer, the types of ailments they are able to address and even additional insight on Dr. Dryer’s qualifications can be found on their official website as well. Patients are also welcome to connect with the clinic’s Facebook page to stay in touch with their latest updates.


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