Central NC Dumpster Rental Service Now Helping with More Trash Removal Projects Than Ever Before

Lexington-based Central NC Dumpsters is a trash and junk hauling service that has established a solid reputation for what they do in their area of North Carolina. Much of that is due to the company’s ability to handle a wide variety of trash hauling and item removal needs. Since its inception, the company has continuously added to the types of trash, items, and debris that it can remove for its customers. That has led to its customers now being able to take advantage of more of the company’s trash and junk removal services than ever before. This is something that the owner of Central NC Dumpsters, Collin Rebottaro, is very proud of. Rebottaro says, “It didn’t take long for me being in the trash and junk removal business to realize that homeowners, businesses, and contractors had many more types of trash removal projects that required dumpster services than I ever thought was possible. So, I had to continually adapt the business to make sure that we could handle the different types of trash, items, and debris removal needs that my customers had. It’s a process we undertake that is still evolving today to meet our customers' many diverse trash and junk hauling needs.”

The company owner went on to state that of course, they do all different types of more routine garbage and trash removal services but that what they can help a customer haul away goes well beyond that too. This includes such specialty services as refrigerator disposal, furniture hauling, appliance removal, E-Waste disposal, and television disposal & recycling. They will even haul away a customer’s unwanted hot tub. He also talked about how they can help any contractor with their construction waste removal. He added that both large and small skilled trades companies in their area get dumpsters from them when needing to remove such things as construction debris, demolition remains, torn off roofs, and more. Central NC Dumpsters is also able to help its customers with such specialty tasks as garage cleanouts, attic cleanings, foreclosure cleanouts, business moves, and even the largest yard waste removal projects.

Central NC Dumpsters

Rebottaro added that they can help their customers with so many different types of trash and junk removal services, that it may be faster to name what types of trash and debris they don’t haul away instead of the types that they do dispose of. He says that they will basically remove any type of trash or junk that does not fall into the area of potentially hazardous items. They also dispose of the garbage and other items that they remove from a property in the most environmentally responsible way and they follow all of the local guidelines when doing so. Some of the types of trash and items that they are prohibited from hauling include paint, tires, batteries, asbestos, harmful chemicals, flammable liquids, and other environmental hazards.

The company owner also invites anyone that has any questions or concerns as to whether their trash and junk items can be hauled away by Central NC Dumpsters to give them a quick call to find out. Much of this information is also provided on their website which is located at http://centralncdumpsters.com/. Here customers can also use their online dumpster reservation service to conveniently schedule a dumpster rental drop-off. Rebottaro stated that this process takes less than 5-minutes to complete and includes filling out some basic customer information, giving some brief information as to the type of junk or trash they need to be hauled away, preferred dumpster placement, and then checking out with a credit card. He added that they have two different sized dumpsters available for rent which includes their generous size 14' L x 8' W x 4' H dumpsters that can hold up to 1½-tons of garbage, items, or debris, and their even larger 14' L x 8' W x 5' H dumpsters which can be loaded with 2-tons of trash without being charged an extra fee.


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