Centennial CO Painters Elk Horn Painting Have Opened Up A New Location

Elk Horn Painting, a painting services company in Colorado, has opened up a new location in Centennial, CO.

An unkempt exterior of a business sends all the wrong signals to potential customers. Customers will have second thoughts before putting down the money at an establishment that can’t even bother to present itself in the most pristine and professional manner. This also extends to homeowners as homes that are poorly maintained are likely to be heavily scrutinized by the local HOA. If the homeowner intends to sell the home, they will have a lot of trouble finding a buyer, as not everyone wants to take over a fixer-upper.

There can be many reasons behind a home or business building losing its sheen. The area’s climate is a big factor. A region that experiences a wide range of weather conditions such as Colorado, keeps building owners and homeowners on its toes with the number of repairs generally needed all year round. The transition from the cold, wet snow in the winter to the harsh sun of the dry summer months can lead to the paint losing its color, or peeling and flaking.

Fixing a home from the outside is much more complicated than just painting over it. A lot of homes will have problems that manifest themselves in the form of deteriorating paint but might have deeper root causes. A lot of times it is also not possible to fix them up by applying just a metaphorical, but in this case also a literal, fresh coat of paint without first fixing the underlying reasons. An experienced painting contractor will know how to spot such problems. They will let the home or business owner know the real extent of the damage and the steps that need to be taken to fix them.

A lot of unscrupulous painting contractors will rush through a job without considering all the ramifications. They will bill the client for a job that won’t hold up for too long. A trusted and honest painting service contractor, like Elk Horn Painting of Centennial, will apply the proper fix and then follow it up with the desired paint job. It requires integrity and confidence to offer that level of service to one’s clients.

A spokesperson for the company talks about their end-to-end services by saying, “We don’t approach the job from just a painter’s perspective. We aim to be the complete package. We aim to be a home contractor that specializes in painting that you can wholeheartedly trust. During every exterior painting project, we scrape and sand all the areas to be painted to create a smooth surface. We protect important home features from over-spraying by covering landscaping and areas. We apply caulking wherever necessary for a smooth finish. We thoroughly clean every surface and repair them from defects such as cracks, dents, or old nail holes. We take all the precautions necessary. That level of dedication and service is what makes us one of the best painting contractors in all of Colorado.”

Elk Horn Painting of Centennial offers residential painting services such as complete exterior repaints, painting house exteriors, painting shops, and garages, painting wood siding, fiber cement siding painting, metal siding painting, painting exterior trim, and deck and fence staining. It also offers commercial painting services such as commercial interior painting, commercial exterior painting, restaurant repainting, office space repainting, retail store repainting, residential development painting, and metal building, and warehouse painting.

A recent review of the company’s services says, “I can't say enough good things about the team that came in and worked on our job. They arrived timely each day, worked quickly, and cleaned up before they left each day. They were responsive to any questions I had and were generally just overall very pleasant to work with.”

The company can be contacted on the phone number (305) 525- 6753 or through a contact form on its website. Potential customers can find more information about the company on the Elk Horn Painting of Centennial Facebook page.


For more information about Elk Horn Painters of Centennial, contact the company here:

Elk Horn Painters of Centennial
Hunter Miller
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6650 S Vine St,
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