Celebrate Small Business Month With Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta-based Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is delighted to invite their community to celebrate the rest of Small Business Month by taking advantage of their ongoing promotions. The company has had promotions going strong throughout October, and they urge customers to get in touch quickly before November to ensure they find the solutions, plans and perks they want.

Celebrate Small Business Month with us, and it will be a month you look back on fondly!” says Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated. “We understand that businesses across the country and the rest of the world are struggling to adapt to and survive the challenges that followed the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it hasn’t been easy for customers and their families either. At Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, however, our response is to work hard to do what we can for our community, and this led to us coming up with a whole host of promotions and offers that we believe our community will find incredibly useful. If nothing else, we hope one of the products or services we offer will help them weather out this crisis with greater ease and comfort.”

Celebrate Small Business

For instance, smartphone enthusiasts may head over to Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated to check out the all-new Samsung S20 Fan Edition 5G. Coming with 128 GB of base storage and 4 attractive colour options, this phone was redesigned to give Samsung fans exactly the features they wanted at a price point they deserved. With the new Owner's Advantage plan, Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s customers can finance their new Samsung S20 FE 5G over 12 months and get the latest and most advanced 5G smartphones every year.

This plan is also available for many other devices, and owners may return their device at the end of their plan in order to facilitate a hassle-free upgrade to the latest model. Here, they will also have access to more upfront or monthly saving options.

On the other hand, a part of Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s outreach is in support of Canadian business owners, particularly as they are among the hardest hit communities. Despite their vital position in the country’s economy, they have suffered the brunt of economic downturns as regions either saw fewer people heading outdoors (and patronising brick and mortar establishments) or entire regions staying indoors as a result of lockdowns being implemented.

A 5-Star review from Kyle Johnson sheds some light on why local communities appreciate the company’s services to such a high degree. The review states, “Just went in today during social distancing and Dan helped me get a new phone quickly and pain free! He actually went above and beyond and got me a phone I couldn't get previously! Super friendly and respecting the current social situation. Will and would recommend to anyone reading this!”

The company’s services have also been consistently good over time. A review from Clayton Liddle that dates back five months ago offers a similarly high degree of praise for the company’s assistance. Liddle explains that they, “Damaged my iPhone 6 to the point it wasn't working anymore, so I went to Telus in the Cornerstone Mall and they quickly set me up with a new iPhone 7. Totally painless and easy to get done at this store. They take good care of you here!”

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated has received nearly 200 reviews from thrilled customers on their Google listing, and it is a mark of their dedication to customer service that they boast an impressive 4.8 Stars out of 5. As such, these services have only become more useful since the onset of the pandemic, as customers dealing with heightened stress and anxiety still have a provider to visit who can calmly guide them through their electronic mishaps.


Additional information is available on the company’s website, and customers may contact Dan LHeureux of Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated if they wish to discuss any promotions or offers in greater detail. Similarly, social media users may connect with the store through their preferred online platforms to stay up to date with their latest offers and other news.


For more information about Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, contact the company here:

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated
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